Last Updated 2023-09-24

Hi everyone- new tools posted to the list this evening. There's a couple of really nice items I hope you enjoy. No new Tom Law saws at the moment.. I'm in the process of inventorying them all to help make satisfying special requests easier. I'll post more later this week. I'm finding some great stuff in the collection, a lot of good saws, as well as unexceptional worker saws that will be bargains. I'll post more later this week. Thanks for stopping by. --Josh

Some important news- For the past few months I've been working with Tom Law's wife Sandra to purchase the remaining inventory of handsaws that were left behind after Tom's death. I bought about 100 saws from her earlier this year. I started listing these a few weeks back, as you might have noticed. Last weekend I made the trip out to Maryland to purchase the remaining 380 or so handsaws. She was happy to hear that the saws were going to be put to work, and likely more excited to get her living room space back. These saws are all beautifully restored, sharpened, and ready to work. I'll be adding these saws to the list over the next few months. If you need a working saw you can't go wrong with one of these. I posted a photo of the scope of the collection on Instagram earlier today. You can also see it here.


Mint, New Old Stock Stanley Block Plane Blade



Record 1 1/8in Shoulder Plane Blade



Rare Buck Brothers Coopers Howel Blade



Lie-Nielsen Low-Angle Block Plane Blade



I. Sorby 2 1/2in Parallel Iron



Hearnshaw Bros. 2 1/2in Parallel Iron



3/16in Spoon Bit for a Pod Brace



Marples 2 1/4in Parallel Iron w/ Chipbreaker



Six Evans White Tape Measure Replacement Blades



Six Evans White Tape Measure Replacement Blades



151 Spokeshave Blade