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About this site.

I started this web site in 1997 as a way to share pictures and information about my hobbies. At that time I was primarily interested in fresh water Aquariums. I then became interested in saltwater reef aquariums and began building aquariums and tank stands. That led to an interest in woodworking which led me down the path toward old tools. It was a steep, slipery slope.

These days I only keep one small freshwater aquarium, but I still maintain a love for old tools and woodworking. I now have a family and far less time to devote to my hobbies, but I try to keep this site updated with new content. At the moment I'm in the process of completely redesigning the site to use newer technologies lke CSS to replace the now 10 year old hyperkitten.com site.

And here's a picture of the original Hyperkitten, my calico cat Gwen.

Another, less flattering, picture of Gwen:

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