Metal Router Type Study Page

by Lars Larson

Metal Router Manufacturers

Metal routers were sold by the companies listed below, though some companies actually had their routers manufactured by others. The Stanley router design is based on a patent granted to Henry Cope in 1884.

The amount of information presented on router models varies from company to company. If you would like to help improve a type study for a given router model, please contact Lars Larson or Jay Sutherland.

Henry Cope

De Huff

Keen Kutter


Millers Falls

Ohio Tool







Patented Routers 1883-1916

     272,801  H. L. Tupper         Feb. 20, 1883
     294,724  H. P. Cope           Mar.  4, 1884   Assigned to Stanley
     350,352  J. L. De Huff        Oct.  5, 1886
     378,854  J. A. Trout          Feb. 28, 1888   Assigned to Stanley
     420,232  G. Heymeier          Jan. 28, 1890   Of Bremen, Germany
     609,681  A. J. Kniffen        Aug. 23, 1898
     685,411  A. F. Schade         Oct. 29, 1901   Assigned to Stanley
     707,085  F. Clayton           Aug. 19, 1902   Of Pudsey, England
     717,883  R. P. Mathews        Jan.  6, 1903   To Sandusky Tool Co.
     793,297  F. Hesley            Jun. 27, 1905
     865,560  G. H. Bartlett       Sep. 10, 1907   Assigned to Stanley
     902,977  A. Link              Nov.  3, 1908
   1,012,591  E. A. Schade         Dec. 26, 1911   Assigned to Stanley
   1,026,053  T. B. Saner          May  14, 1912   Assigned to Stanley
   1,031,509  B. Aylor             Jul.  2, 1912
   1,195,799  C. Fink              Aug. 22, 1916
With only sixteen routers patented between the years 1883 and 1916, note that six of them, almost 40%, were assigned to Stanley.


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