Preston Routers

Preston 1399P and 2500P Routers

Type 1. Number 1399P. 8 5/8" x 3 3/8", patented Sept. 26, 1907.

Type 2. Number 1399P. Same as Type 1, except that at some point Preston changed the casting to allow for blade mounting on the inside or outside of the router handle post.

Type 3. Number 2500P. Like the 1399P, but with a throat closing device and moveable fences (left and right), added in 1912.

Preston 1397P Router

Type 4. Number 1397P. 4 1/8" x 2 1/8", patented Dec. 12, 1909, and has patent number 534,243 cast into frame.

Company History

Edward Preston started in 1825 and continued in business until 1932. The Record Tool Company took over from Preston in 1932 and is still manufacturing routers. The Record routers are very similar to the ones manufactured by Stanley, except that their casting are marked with 071 and 071 1/2 numberings. They are japanned black with color varnished hardwood knobs.

The Preston trademark or logo was called the Birds Eye. The logo started in 1870 but was not registered as a trademark until 1876.

Other Preston Router Images

Type 2. Number 1399P. View with cutter mounted on outside of router handle post.

Type 3. Number 2500P. Views of movable fences.

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