Marples Routers

Marples Routers

The routers pictured below are from the 1938 catalog and are believed to have been made by Record Tools for Marples. The routers carried the stock numbers M 71 and M 71 1/2. In 1959 Marples dropped the M 71 1/2. Many of their tools were sold in the United States by the Woodcraft Supply Co.

Marples Open Throat Router

No. M 71 Open throat router

Marples Closed-Throat Router

No. M 71 1/2 Closed-throat router

Company History

William Marples & Sons was started in Sheffield, England in 1829 by William Marples Jr. He died in 1877 at the age of 68. The Marples trademark or logo was called the Shamrock brand.

The Marples Co. is still going strong. In 1962, William Marples & Sons was sold to William Ridgeway & Co. and C. D. Hampton, known as Record Tools.

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