Patents issued to and used by the Harvey W. Peace company

Patent Number Brief Description
104,847 Patented by William Hankin, an improvement in saw-frames. A frame saw incorperating this aptent was produced by Harvey Peace under the name "Elliptic Saw Frame". An ad vertisment for this saw can be seen here.
216,800 Patented adjustable saw with a cast iron handle and blade held in place with a screw. The patentee is William McNiece. I have an example of this saw with a blade marke d "Harvey W. Peace".
238,960 Adjustable Crosscut Saw Handle
274,708 Patented by H.W. Peace and Alfred Boynton, a new design of crosscut saw teeth featuring alternating clearing and cutting teeth. This may have been the idea behind Boyn ton's "Lightning Saw".
280,612 Patented by William H. Hankin, Jr. and Cornelius Tenney. Features a reinforcing plate attached to the underside of the handle. This is probably the most well-known feature of Peace's "Perfection" saws. It is speculated that Hankin was partnered with Peace, or shared Peace's Brooklyn factory. Saws bearing William Hankin's name along with the familiar Peace arm and hammer logo, and the "Vulcan Saw Works" name have been found.
281,447 Patented by Frank A. Buell, July 17, 1883. This patent features a handle specially relieved to fit the hand of a right-handed user. This feature was incorperated into Peace's top of the line P-68 and P-70 hand saws.
295,385 William Hankin's patent for a sheet metal handle (all examples found have been made of copper), rivited on to the saw plate. Hankin's design still called for a wooden grip attached to the sheet metal with screws.
298,115 Interchangable blade mechanism for a compas saw
311,435 Lords' Patent for a Metal Saw Handle. Combined with Hankin's March 18, 1884 patent, these features were found on Peace's No. 15 handsaw and later on the Disston D-24 Handsaw
re10135 Patented by Emanuel Andrews and produced by Peace in the P45 saw. This is an interesting take on the "let-in" style handle. I have seen only one example of this saw s o far.
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