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Old Tools Section

I have been collecting and using antique tools for about 10 years. I have a special interest in 19th century hand saws, especially those produced by the Harvey W. Peace company and the Vulcan Saw Works. I'm also interested in researching the history of vintage hand tools. I've put together a few pages that contain some work I've done and some very valuable research others have completed.

Vintage Tool Advertisements I am working on publishing my collection of vintage tool advertisements. These ads span from 1892-1928. Over 130 vintage ads available.

The Hand Saws of Harvey Peace and the Vulcan Saw Works Some pages related to my research of the Harvey W. Peace company and the Vulcan Saw Works. Includes a biography of Harvey Peace, a history of the company, some examples of their hand saws, and other interesting bits.

Stanley Bench Plane Dating Page Created by Jeff Sutherland between 1995 and 1997, these pages are the definitive source for dating Stanley bench planes and identifying specific features.

Interesting Tools Information on some of the more interesting tools I have in my collection.

Router Plane Type Study A collaborative work of Jay Sutherland and Lars Larson, these pages contain information on various types and models of router planes. Includes detailed type studies of the Stanley #71 and #71 1/2 planes.

Old Tools Resources Some useful links related to old tools

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