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Update 2020-03-25 Hi Folks- thanks for stopping by. I hope you are all well and spending lots of time in your workshops. Everyone here at home is fine.. my kids are out of school until at least May, and more likely not going back this year. Our town has an e-learning program setup for them, thankfully, so they will be able to progress come next school year. I have learned over the past two weeks that helping three kids go to school at home is a full-time job which is a bit of a challenge. Thankfully I was able to move my day job to the afternoon/evening to accommodate. That does not leave much time for the tool business.. but I promise I will do my best to get tools posted, emails answered, and packages shipped. If this is the least of our problems I am happy to accept it. I hope you all stay well. As always, thanks for your business. --Josh

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Wooden Planes For Sale

Tiny Wooden router Plane.
This small router is only 4in wide. It's made from a deep red piece of mahogany with a 1/8in wide blade held in place with a wedge. A very basic, cute little tool about the same size as a Stanley 271.
Item Number wbp1173
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