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New Tools Were Last Added: 2019-06-13 (newest items on top)

Update 2019-06-13 Hi Folks! Just a small update tonight with a few dozen new tools. There is some good stuff here.. I hope you find something you like! Thanks for stopping by. --Josh

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Saws For Sale

Deep Fret Saw.
This saw uses standard non-pinned jeweler's saw blades. It is unmarked and in very good condition and works perfectly.
Item Number s1186
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Bad Axe Large Tenon Saw.
This saw is in near-mint condition and has seen little use, if any. It has an 18in plate 4 1/2in deep under the back. It is very sharp and ready to use. It has a clean plate with a couple of specks of discoloration. It has the standard hickory handle which has no defects at all. I'll list it at the Bad Axe "scratch and dent" price since it's not perfectly new, but very close
Item Number s1180
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Unusual 22in Turning Saw.
This is clearly a user-made saw made from a lightweight wood that might be chestnut. The arms pass through mortises in the stretchers rather than the typical mortise and tenon construction. the blade is fairly early looking and has a most unusual connecting mechanism that the photos will do a better job describing than I can with words. It's an interesting design and looks to be usable still.
Item Number s1166
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