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New Tools Were Last Added: 2019-10-20 (newest items on top)

Update 2019-10-20 Hi Folks- hope everyone had a nice weekend. I posted a few dozen new tools to the list this evening. I truly hope to have a chance to get a lot posted this week- The past month or so has been challenging for us so I appreciate your patience as I work to catch up with my tool work. Thanks for stopping by! --Josh

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Miscellaneous Tools For Sale

Small Marples Boxwood Spokeshave.
This shave is just 9in long with a 1 1/2in wide blade. The sole is curved allowing it to work into deep curves. The blade is in excellent condition. The boxwood body has some very light wear. It's aged to a nice deep golden color over time. It's completely usable and a nice size for small work
Item Number m3260
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Well-Used Wooden Spokeshave.
This shave is 10in long with a 3in wide blade. There is a brass plate in front of the blade for wear resistance. The blade is well-used but still has some life left.
Item Number m3252
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Stanley Carpenters Hammer.
This hammer has a 16oz head and a good hickory handle. Some of the original decal remains on the handle. There is a small chip at the base of the handle. The head is tight and the face clean. It has long, sweeping claws that extend down past the eye- a true carpenter's hammer not a ripping or framing hammer. Ideal for bench use
Item Number m3253
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North Brothers no. 130A Automatic Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver.
This is a good, usable example made in the mid-late 1920s based on the patent dates. It operates smoothly as both a ratchet screwdriver and spiral screwdriver. It has most original nickel plating. It comes with three bits including the hard to find small Phillips bit. A handy tool for quick assembly/disassembly. In case you don't keep score, this model does not have the spring-loaded return.
Item Number m3254
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This is a good usable mallet. You can use it to hit things. It weighs about a pound and is very well-made. It has the obligatory green paint splatters on it.
Item Number m3255
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This all-metal shave is simple and effective. Though this example is unmarked, it's the same design made by Goodell-Pratt and later for Dunlap for many years. It's in excellent condition with a long, clean blade
Item Number m3256
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German Saw Set.
This decorated pliers-type sawset is in very good working order. It has adjustments for the amount of set and the tooth pitch so that the hammer contacts the correct area of each tooth. It's marked "Made in Germany". A simple solid user
Item Number m3244
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Stanley no. 30A Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver.
This screwdriver is in excellent condition and works perfectly. It was made by Stanley after 1946. It has three bits with it including the hard to find Philips driver. This model does not have the return spring. It's a handy tool to have.
Item Number m3248
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Tiny Clamp-On Bench Vise.
This small vise has 1in wide jaws. It's in good, usable condition
Item Number m3249
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E.C. Stearns Adjustable Spokeshave.
This shave was made by Stearns in Syracuse, NY. It's much the same as the Stanley 53 featuring a gull-wing handle design and adjustable mouth. This one has good springs and a decent blade. The blade has some pitting you can see in one spot in the photos. It's missing a lot of original finish. It should still be a fine worker
Item Number m3243
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Saw Set.
This saw set was made for Dunlap. It's a typical Atkins design, likely made for Dunlap by them. It's in near-perfect condition with all original nickel. An excellent example of this simple and effective sawset.
Item Number m3225
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Very Interesting Peugeot Saw Set.
This pliers-type sawset was made by Peugeot in France. It's in perfect working order. It has some light discoloration you can see in the photos but the original paint is all there. It has two adjustments to it that allows the user to regulate the amount of set and where the plunger hits the tooth to account for different tooth sizes. It's a really interesting design and looks quite useful
Item Number m3217
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Large Coopers Drawknife.
This drawknife is 19in long overall and has a 10in blade. The blade is clean and has plenty of life left. The bevel is quite sharp and is free of nicks. The handles are in great shape. It has a stamped mark on the blade that's hard to read. A very nice, usable example
Item Number m3211
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Nice Britton Patent Hollow Tool Handle.
This tool handle was made by Horace E. Britton in Stoughton, MA. It was patented Nov 28, 1893. It has a full hollow tool handle full of bits. It's in good working order and looks fantastic with only a little missing nickel plating on the chuck.
Item Number m3175
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Large Beech Spokeshave.
This shave is a little larger than most- it's 11.5in long with a 3 1/8in wide blade. The blade is long free of pitting, and has a good sharp bevel. The beech body has some light wear but nothing major. It's marked "F. Newton" on one handle which i believe is an owner's mark. It has a very faint stamp on the front I can't make out. It'll be a fine worker for sure.
Item Number m3163
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Small Leach Patent Saw Set.
This is the smallest version of the Leach saw set. It's clean and works well. It looks useful for any size handsaw and coarse-medium backsaws.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $18
Item Number m3050
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Morrill Patent Saw Set.
This sawset is in good, usable condition. It would be useful for saws about 10PPI or less unless the plunger was modified.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $10
Item Number m3081
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