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Update 2020-02-14 Hi Everyone- Happy Valentines Day! I put a bunch of new stuff up on the list this evening including a great selection of books. hope you find something you like! Have a great weekend. --Josh

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Big Leach Patent Saw Set.
This saw set was patented by Samuel Leach Jan 19, 1869. It was produced by O. W. Bullock in Springfield, MA. It's 12in long and intended for big rip saw and similar, probably 6PPI and greater. It's in excellent working order and somewhat uncommon.
Item Number m3045
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Very Interesting Peugeot Saw Set.
This pliers-type sawset was made by Peugeot in France. It's in perfect working order. It has some light discoloration you can see in the photos but the original paint is all there. It has two adjustments to it that allows the user to regulate the amount of set and where the plunger hits the tooth to account for different tooth sizes. It's a really interesting design and looks quite useful
Item Number m3217
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Small Leach Patent Saw Set.
This is the smallest version of the Leach saw set. It's clean and works well. It looks useful for any size handsaw and coarse-medium backsaws.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $18
Item Number m3050
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