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New Tools Were Last Added: 2020-08-09 (newest items on top)

Update 2020-08-09 I am back! Power and Internet were restored this afternoon, a full two days ahead of schedule. I was offline most of the past week so I have a pile of emails to respond to and tools to ship. I appreciate your patience while I work through the backlog. Later this week.. a massive update of amazing stuff! Okay.. a massive update of mostly solid usable tools with a few amazing things and some oddball stuff that hopefully someone will want. Thanks for stopping by! --Josh

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Measuring, Marking, and Layout Tools For Sale

J. Slocomb 1-2in Outside Micrometer.
Made in Providence, RI by J. Slocomb, this micrometer is in good working order.
Item Number mml4639
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Johnson Level & Tool Protractor.
This is a 12in combination square blade with a protractor head. It's a quality tool made by Johnson Level & Tool. It's clean and works perfectly.
Item Number mml4644
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Stanley no. 36 18in Machinists Level.
This is a nice clean example with all three vials intact. It has two patent dates on it- 8/4 and 6/23 1896.
Item Number mml4631
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Millers Falls no. 590 Torpedo Level Mint IOB.
This level is made from Bakelite. It's in mint condition in its original box. This is a somewhat scarce level that would make a great addition to a collection.
Item Number mml4633
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Blue Spruce Dovetail Marker.
This marker is made from nice curly maple and is in excellent condition. It marks out dovetails at a 8:1 angle. It's no longer made, which is a shame. It retailed for $40 new when purchased
Item Number mml4634
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Early Machinists Trammel Set.
These trammel points are equipped with 10in long caliper legs. They are unmarked but look like early Starrett to me. The heads are made of brass with nickel plating. They have some patina and light nickel loss but they work well.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $20
Item Number mml4407
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1-2in Outside Micrometer.
This mic was made by the Majestic Tool and Hardware Co. of Chicago, IL. It's in excellent condition in its original box
Left-Over and Reduced to: $10
Item Number mml4444
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Woodpeckers 1281SS Adjustable Squares "One Time Tool".
This was a one-off production made in early 2017. This is a set of two Stainless Steel adjustable squares both graduated in inches. They are in new condition in the original MDF case in the original box. These are layout tools of the highest quality and precision. The set originally retailed for $249 new
Left-Over and Reduced to: $200
Item Number mml4579
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