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Update 2020-02-14 Hi Everyone- Happy Valentines Day! I put a bunch of new stuff up on the list this evening including a great selection of books. hope you find something you like! Have a great weekend. --Josh

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Chisels, Gouges, and Edge Tools For Sale

1/2in Flat Carving Gouge w/ Boxwood Handle.
This gouge was made by Wm. Greaves in Sheffield. It's 9 1/2in long overall with a no. 5 sweep. The blade is especially clean and the boxwood handle is gorgeous. A fine worker
Item Number c4363
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Stout Brades 1 1/4in Firmer Chisel.
This chisel was made in Sheffield by Brades for the British government or armed forces in 1941. It has the date stamp along with the broad-arrow mark. It has a good, decently clean blade. It's a thick stout chisel with a thick tang and leather bolster. It's meant for hard work and will perform well once it's sharpened up.
Item Number c4360
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Ward and Payne 3/8in Tang Chisel.
Ward was widely regarded as one of the highest quality makers of the 19th century. Contemporary American edge tool makers were compared to Ward when judged for quality. This example has a nice beech handle and a clean back. It measures 9in long overall
Item Number c4146
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Herring Bros. 1/4in V Carving Tool.
This V tool is clean and crisp with a perfect handle and zero pitting. The blade has an odd slight twist to it but it'll still work just fine.
Item Number c4173
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Easy Wood Tools- Easy Start Finisher: Round.
This turning tool is in new, unused condition with the original instructions and adjusting wrench. It retails for $60 new.
Item Number c4351
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Super-Flat 3/8in Tang Incannel Gouge.
This gouge is a bit over 9in long. It's a super flat no. 2 sweep- barely any curve tot he blade at all. The beech handle is perfect. The blade is pretty clean. It's marked "J.V. Hill" a London edge tool maker who worked ca. 1850.
Item Number c4345
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1/2in Lock Mortise Chisel.
This swan-neck chisel is 1/2in wide at the business end and over 17in long. It is in excellent condition with an especially clean blade and a perfect handle. It has several owner's marks, but no maker's mark I can see. A perfectly usable example for working the bottom of mortises.
Item Number c4337
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