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New Tools Were Last Added: 2019-10-15 (newest items on top)

Update 2019-10-15 Hi everyone- thanks for stopping by.. Just a small update tonight with a few dozen new tools, but there is some fun stuff here. I hope you find something you like! --Josh

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Chisels, Gouges, and Edge Tools For Sale

Lie-Nielsen 1/8in Socket Bench Chisel.
This chisel is in new, unused condition. It retails for $70 new from Lie-Nielsen
Item Number c4296
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Outstanding Buck Brothers 1/8in Tang Paring Gouge.
This gouge is in great shape and in perfectly usable condition. It's 12in long with a very thin, flexible blade. The back of the blade has zero pitting. The handle is just beautiful. It's a fine paring gouge never intended for use with a mallet. A top quality American edge tool made in Milbury, MA. You won't find this sort of gouge made by any modern maker.
Item Number c4292
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Buck Brothers 1/4in Patternmakers Cranked Paring Gouge.
This is a near-perfect example in top condition. It is nearly 14in long overall. The blade is perfectly clean, as is the handle. It has an incannell bevel for paring work. Typically used by patternmakers, these cranked paring gouges are still very useful and hard to find in this condition. Buck offered these in three sweeps- This example is a "medium" sweep.
Item Number c4294
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Stout 3/4in Socket Chisel.
This chisel has a thick blade and looks quite early. The socket is clearly forge-welded. There is a partial maker's mark but all I can read is "& Son" for certain. The blade has some discoloration but the area near the bevel is lapped clean and flat. The handle is in great shape but certainly not original A good worker for tough jobs.
Item Number c4284
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Extra-Long American Socket Mortise Chsiel.
This chisel was made by the Winsted Edge Tool Works in Winsted, CT. This is the same factory that made the sought-after Witherby brand chisels. This chisel was sold under the "Karpenter" brand name. It's 15in long overall. It has a touch hooped handle. The blade is long and clean, though unusually slight considering the handle and the length. It's in excellent working condition.
Item Number c4271
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Massive Wm. Marples 1/2in Socket Mortise Chisel.
This chisel is 14+in long, made in Sheffield by William Marples. It's seen a lot of use but remains in good, usable condition. The blade back is clean and free of pitting. The handle has some checks towards the socket but it looks plenty stable to me. The handle is hooped to absorb mallet blows. A sturdy worker in a useful size.
Item Number c4272
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James Swan 3/8in Socket Firmer Chisel.
This chisel is 11+in long including the handle. the handle is a bit on the simple side but works perfectly. The chisel back is clean and recently lapped. The bevel freshly ground. a top quality worker made by Swan in Seymour, CT.
Item Number c4276
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I&H Sorby 3/8in Sash Mortise Chisel.
This is a light-medium duty mortise chisel made in Sheffield by Sorby. It has a small bit of light pitting on the back. The boxwood handle has some light wear as well. It's a little over 12in long overall. A solid worker with a few minor flaws.
Item Number c4279
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Thick Marples 3/16in Socket Mortise Chisel.
This chisel is clean, sharp, and ready to work. It's 13in long and has a stout, laminated blade. There is a crack or seam in the tool steel 3in back of the bevel, but it does not extend to the softer top layer so I think it's fine to use. The handle is perfect. An imperfect chisel, but usable.
Item Number c4281
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3/8in British Tang Paring Chisel.
this chisel was made in Sheffield by Stormont. It's 9in long with a beech handle. the back is clean and lapped, perfectly free of pitting. The bevel is freshly ground. It has thin lands and a fine blade, ideal for light paring work.
Item Number c4230
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7/8in Stanley Everlast Chisel.
This chisel is 9 1/2in long. It has a decently clean back and a good sharp bevel. The steel cap has a small chip in it as seen in the photos. a decent usable example of this very desirable chise
Item Number c4222
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tiny 1/8in ADDIS Veining tool.
This gouge was made in London by Addis. It has an early mark that dates to the early 19th century according to the research I have found. It's a scarce profile in usable condition. The handle isn't original but it works just fine. A fine worker.
Item Number c4201
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Unusual Butcher 1/4in Tang Gouge.
This gouge was made by W. Butcher in Sheffield. It has a good handle and a nice clean blade. The end of the blade is ground down a bit, as shown in the photos, for some unknown reason. Still a good, usable gouge.
Item Number c4204
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