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New Tools Were Last Added: 2019-10-20 (newest items on top)

Update 2019-10-20 Hi Folks- hope everyone had a nice weekend. I posted a few dozen new tools to the list this evening. I truly hope to have a chance to get a lot posted this week- The past month or so has been challenging for us so I appreciate your patience as I work to catch up with my tool work. Thanks for stopping by! --Josh

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Drils, Bits, and Borxting Tools For Sale

3/4in Fixed Hollow Auger.
This hollow auger is clean and crisp with two nice blades and its original depth stop. It cuts round tenons 3/4in in diameter. A finer worker that seen little use.
Item Number d1888
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Set of Six Auger Bits.
These bits were made for Craftsman likely ca. 1950 based on the logo. They are housed in their originalk hinged metal box. Three still have their original protective caps. Sizes included are 16/16, 12, 8, 5, 4. These are standard Irwin pattern bits with a single twist and single lead screw. The bore slower than the standard Russell Jennings style bits, but they will resist bending or stripping out when boring in especially hard or wet wood. A nice, usable set of general purpose bits.
Item Number d1878
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7/8in Fixed Hollow Auger.
This hollow auger cuts 7/8in round tenons. That's it's only job. It has two blades, both of which are in good condition. The tapered square shank has some wear but I've tested it in a brace and it holds just a fine. A perfectly usable example.
Item Number d1868
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Sheffield Style Bit Brace.
This is a good, usable example of this classic style. The brass chuck is in good working order, as is the beech head. There is no damage and it works well. I've grouped it with a nice set of gimlet bits and some other useful bitstock tools.
Item Number d1829
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Classic British Sheffield Brace.
This beech brace has a brass chuck and Lignum head. It works perfectly and looks great. The chuck spring is strong and has no problem holding bits. This example comes with a small set of assorted bits- gimlets, center bits, screwdrivers, countersinks, etc. that fit this chuck. the head is gorgeous and free of damage. It has a bit of wobble to it but it's perfectly functional. A beautiful tool that's a lot of fun to use
Item Number d1821
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