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Update 2020-02-14 Hi Everyone- Happy Valentines Day! I put a bunch of new stuff up on the list this evening including a great selection of books. hope you find something you like! Have a great weekend. --Josh

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Drils, Bits, and Borxting Tools For Sale

Millers Falls Corner Brace Attachment.
This is the classic Millers Falls design branded for Craftsman. It's clean and in perfect working order. It allows the user to work into corners and alongside walls where normal operation of a bit brace would be hard or impossible.
Item Number d1974
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PS&W 12in Ratchet Bit Brace.
This is a model no. 1001 made by Peck, Stowe, and Wilcox in Southington, CT. It's seen a lot of use and has some wear, but is still perfectly functional, if not the prettiest. A good usable brace for turning bit bits.
Item Number d1933
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