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New Tools Were Last Added: 2019-03-20 (newest items on top)

Update 2019-03-20 Hi Everyone- the winter clean-out continues.. tonight it includes some good working sets of auger bits and some good marking gauges among other things. Thanks for looking! --Josh

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Wooden Planes For Sale

Massive 28in Wooden Jointer Plane.
This is a good, usable jointer plane with a superb blade. The plane has an over-stamped mark I can't read. It has an excellent closed tote free of damage and a strike button at the toe made of an exotic hardwood. The blade is 2 1/2in wide made by Humphreysville Mfg Co. in the early-mid 19th century. An interesting bit of trivia- Humphreysville, CT was later renamed Seymour and was also the home of Douglas and later James Swan. The plane is generally clean and free of damage. It was used and the mouth area was already patched once- it's a good job and will make it easier should you choose to patch it again in the future. There are some checks in the sole but it's straight and flat. It's a good usable jointer plane. It weighs in at about 9lbs overall and will not fit in a flat rate box so shipping it will be costly if you live west of the Mississippi or in the south- feel free to email me for a shipping quote.
Item Number wbp1025
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Massive H. Chapin 28in Wooden Jointer Plane.
This razee jointer plane was made by H. Chapin & Co at the Union Factory outside of Hartford, CT. The plane is in good, usable condition. IT's not perfect but it's in good shape where it counts. It holds a 2 5/8in wide tapered double iron made by W. Butcher in Sheffield. The blade is in good shape. It's got a lot of length left and is incredibly thick. There is a definite hollow in the back near the edge which I think is actually an advantage as it makes it easier to hone, very similar to a Japanese chisel. The closed tote is also in excellent condition. The wedge has a chip and the sole has a small check from age. The sole was recently flattened. It's a razee design which reduces the weight a bit but it's still nearly 10 pounds. It won't fit in a flat rate box so shipping it west of the Mississippi is going to be expensive. I'd be happy to give you an exact shipping quote if you'd like. A solid worker in a hard to find size
Item Number wbp1024
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