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Update 2017-12-13 More tools listed tonight including a couple of big no. 8 size jointers and some other interesting tools. I had a load of good stuff come in last weekend so keep an eye out for lots more interesting stuff. I should make a couple of more updates before Christmas. I may take some time off in the week between Christmas and New Years and then be back come the new year. Thanks, everyone, for visiting.. I appreciate it. --Josh

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Wooden Bench Planes For Sale

Massive American Crown Molding Plane.
This crown molder was made by the Nashua, NH maker Cyrus Warren between roughly 1830-1860. It cuts a huge 4in wide ogee and bevel profile. The plane blade was made by Providence Tool Co. The blade is in good shape considering its age. The plane itself has some checks in the body that are tight. The sole profile is still dead straight. It has a nice open tote and an original fence attached to the left side. It's about as big as you'll find.. an interesting example and conversation piece for a collection or a candidate to restore and use.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $90
Item Number wbp798
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