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Wooden Bench Planes For Sale

Very unusual Low-Angle Router Plane.
This wooden router has a brass wear plate in front of the mouth. It's designed just like the standard OWT style router plane except the blade is bedded at a very low angle. I've never seen one like it that I can recall. It comes equipped with one blade and can hold standard plow plane irons.
Item Number wbp792
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Good, Usable toothing Plane.
This is likely a craftsman-made toothing plane with a 2in wide toothing iron bedded at 85 degrees. The plane is in good shape with signs of use. it holds the blade tight which is all that really matters with a toothing plane. The blade has a good 2in of tooth left and a medium pitch with about 30PPI. The top of the blade had some serious mushrooming that had to be cleaned up a bit. It's a solid worker toothing plane.
Item Number wbp702
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