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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-11-14 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-11-14 Hi Folks! I added a few dozen new tools to the list- all high quality, usable tools. I hope you find something you like. Please remember that as we approach the holidays the number of package thefts increase.. I would prefer to ship to a work address or other secure shipping destination if you have one available. Thanks for looking! --Josh

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Wooden Bench Planes For Sale

Very Early & Interesting Wooden Plow Plane.
This is a very early plow plane made of beech with thumbscrew locks for the arms and depth stop. The thumbscrews are clearly hand-forged. The body is unmarked. It's likely not a professionally made plane, but still quite interesting.
Item Number wbp999
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Usable Wooden Fore/Jointer Plane.
This 22in jointer/fore plane isn't the prettiest, but it'll work. The sole was recently jointed. The closed tote is decent with a tight check in the horn. The blade is 2 1/8in wide and in very good condition. It's not the prettiest, but it'll work.
Item Number wbp997
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Unusual, Early Wooden Jack/Round Plane.
This plane is 14in long. It has a radiused sole and a matching radiused iron. The plane is clearly stamped by G.H. Buzzell, a mark that is listed in AWP-IV and given an "UR" (unrated) grade for rarity due to a lack of examples and information. AWP-IV estimates it was made 1830-40 which I agree with based on the design. It has a 1 5/8in wide tapered single iron made by W. Butcher. The blade has very light pitting in a few small areas. The plane bed and wedge have no provision for a cap iron- this was always a single iron plane. It could be used as a roughing or scrub plane as-is or you could flatten the sole and use it as a rough jack. An early, interesting plane
Item Number wbp996
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Beautiful American Screw-Arm Plow Plane.
This plane was made by P. Hayden & Co. of Columbus, OH. According to AWP-IV, Hayden made planes from 1842-51 after which his company was renamed the Ohio Tool Company. The plane has a beech body and boxwood arms, washers, and nuts. The nuts are a unique two-piece design as shown in the photos. The fence has a dovetailed boxwood wear plate where it contacts the work. It's a top quality plane for sure. The plane is usable. It's seen some work and has thread damage near the fence on the top of the arm. There's enough thread left to make the washers hold well and the fence stays put once set. The depth stop works perfectly. It comes with an assortment of five usable blades that have been fitted to this plane. It's a solid worker, and a beautiful plane, but not a collectible
Item Number wbp988
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Unusual, Small Steel-Soled Wooden Smooth Plane.
This plane was made by E&J Evans in Rochester, NY. The firm worked from 1841-85 according to AWP-IV. It's unusually small at only 6 1/2in long with a 1/2in wide iron. It's also steel-shod which gives it a good heft and excellent wear resistance. The blade was made by Sandusky- it's incredibly thick at the business end and tapered. It's clean, free of pitting and has plenty of length left. It's an interesting plane that will make a great worker
Item Number wbp971
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