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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-06-22 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-06-22 Hi Folks- I put a small update up on my list of tools for sale tonight. It contains of a few dozen tools including some top quality edge tools and molding planes. I probably will not have another update for a week or so- this is a busy time of year for us with school and sports wrapping up and summer camp not quite begun yet. I will do my best to get more tools on the list as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!

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Wooden Bench Planes For Sale

Nice British Toothing Plane.
This is an early toothing plane in good usable condition. It has some even, honest patina, dings and scratches. There are a number of owners' marks and a very faint maker's mark at the toe. The blade is an early Ibbotson which has a lot of length left and is in great shape. A perfectly usable toothing plane
Item Number wbp776
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Nice European horned Smooth Plane.
This plane is in excellent condition all around. It has a sole attached to the body in the typical fashion using that impossible-looking glue joint. The sole is especially hard and exotic looking, perhaps Lignum? the blade is in decent shape with some staining and very light pitting in one area. The mouth is still tight. A great worker if you like this style of horned smooth plane
Item Number wbp773
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Massive & Exceptional JM Taber Crown Molding Plane.
This is a massive crown molder in excellent condition. It has no damage and barely a ding or scratch on it. The blade, a tapered single iron made by Baldwin of Butcher's best steel, looks essentially unused. Even the ramp of the wedge, which tapers to a knife edge , is sharp and clean without any damage. This plane cuts a 3in wide quirk ogee and bead profile. It was made by John Taber, a New Bedford, MA planemaker who worked from 1820-72. It's one of the finest crown molders I've come across
Item Number wbp772
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Ulmia Horned Wooden Smooth Plane.
this plane is 8 1/2in long with a 1 7/9in wide double iron. It is a hight quality plane made by Ulmia in Germany. It's seen some use but remains usable today
Item Number wbp763
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Interesting, Early Wedge-Arm Plow/Rabbet Plane.
This plane has no maker's mark that I can see, just "RLONG" at the toe which I think is an owner's mark. It's made of cherry I believe, but I could be wrong. it's surely not beech. It has a lot profile and keyed wedges to hold the arms. It holds a 3/4in wide straight rabbeting blade. It could be a dedicated plow, an adjustable rabbet plane, or even a sash fillister. It's a mystery. It's surely a well made plane and looks like many user-made 18th century style New England plow planes I've seen.
Item Number wbp754
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Scarce Sandusky Horned Bench Plane.
This plane is 8in long with a 1 3/4in wide double iron. It was made by Sandusky. You won't find many American-made horned smooth planes like this one. I think it'll make a great worker as a scrub plane or a small smoother.
Item Number wbp756
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German Horned Smooth Plane.
This single iron smoother was made by John Weiss & Sons. It is 9 1/2in long overall and has a 1 7/8in wide blade. The blade is in good shape with a lot of meat left to it. The plane has seen a lot of use and has some dings, scratches, and patina, but no damage or undue wear. It's made of beech with an applied hornbeam (?) sole attached using that mind-boggling glue joint German planes are known for. A fine working example
Item Number wbp750
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