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Update 2017-10-11 Hi everyone! I posted a good three or four dozen new items to the list tonight. I hope you find something you need! You will also notice that I also reduced the prices by about 33% on anything sitting on the list for more than 30 days. These discounted items are listed just beneath the new stuff from tonights update. Thanks for looking! --Josh

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Wooden Bench Planes For Sale

Unusual, Slightly Low-Angle Wooden Coffin Smoohter.
This plane was made by B. Sheneman in Philadelphia between 1846-1867. The plane is 9 7/8in long and holds a 1 7/8in wide double iron. The iron is bedded at 40 degrees, which is noticeably less than the usual 47.5 degrees. It's also a slightly taller plane than most at 3in and slightly longer than most coffin smoothers. The plane is in excellent condition all around. What looks like a check in the right cheek is actually a grain defect in the stock. The blade is in great shape- it's a tapered, laminated double iron made by Mottram. It's a good, usable plane and quite unusual.
Item Number wbp823
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Excellent Wooden "D" router.
This small router holds a blade just a hair over 1/4in wide. It's held in place with a wedge. The body of the plane looks like oak but it could be ash? It's in excellent condition regardless and is a well-made example of this simple, but useful, tool.
Item Number wbp824
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Wooden Coffin Smoother made for AJ Wilkinson, Boston MA.
This plane is 7 3/4in long with a 2 1/8in double iron. It's seen use but remains in very good working order with a nice tight mouth. the plane was likely made by Addison Heald, the prominent New Hampshire planemaker, in the 1860s or 70s. Its blade is a massive tapered, laminated double iron made by Moulson Brothers in Sheffield. it's in excellent conditon with lots of length left and zero pitting. A fine worker
Item Number wbp820
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Excellent Ohio Tool Co Toothing Plane.
This is an Ohio Tool Co. no. 30 toothing plane in excellent conditon, showing very little use. The 2in wide blade is full-length and has a medium tooth pattern. It's a fine worker.
Item Number wbp819
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Massive American Crown Molding Plane.
This crown molder was made by the Nashua, NH maker Cyrus Warren between roughly 1830-1860. It cuts a huge 4in wide ogee and bevel profile. The plane blade was made by Providence Tool Co. The blade is in good shape considering its age. The plane itself has some checks in the body that are tight. The sole profile is still dead straight. It has a nice open tote and an original fence attached to the left side. It's about as big as you'll find.. an interesting example and conversation piece for a collection or a candidate to restore and use.
Item Number wbp798
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Massive & Excellent Yellow Birch Crown Molding Plane.
This plane has no maker's mark I can see. The body is made from a massive piece of yellow birch 18in long by 5 1/4in wide. It has an original attached fence and excellent closed tote. The body is especially clean and in excellent condition. The blade is 3 7/8in wide and especially clean as well. It's marked "W ALLEN CAST STEEL" I imagine it's a very early 19th century American plane but I can't tell for sure without a maker's mark. I's definitely professionally made based on the high quality of the build. It's an interesting, early plane in excellent condition.
Item Number wbp799
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Massive Adjustable Rabbet Plane by Geo. Burnham, Amherst, MA.
This plane is 16in long and 5 1/4in wide. It has an adjustable fence and depth stop. The blade is skewed and can cut a rabbet up to 3in wide. It's a massive plane made from a beautiful piece of beech. It's in excellent condition overall and has seen very little use, if any. The blade is in decent shape- it needs a grind and has pitting in back of the working area but it's usable. The flaw is the wedge- it's a replacement and fits well enough to hold the blade in place but it's not close to original. It needs a bit of care to sharpen the blade and ideally a proper replacement wedge. The rest of the plane is in such amazing conditon, and it's such a rare size and style, that it's definitely worth the work to make it proper and usable again.
Item Number wbp800
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