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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-09-20 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-09-20 Hi folks- another big update tonight with about four dozen new tools added. This lot spans the gambit of the tool world. The common thread is that everything here is in amazing condition. There are some seriously nice tools here. I hope you find something you like so I will not be tempted to keep it. Thanks for reading! --Josh

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Wooden Bench Planes For Sale

Simple Wooden Side Rabbet Plane.
This plane is made from white oak. It has a Japanese look to it. The blade is simply wedged shape and holds itself in the mouth. It's a simple, well-executed plane
Item Number wbp978
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Ulmia Horned Smooth Plane.
This is a top quality German smooth plane made by Ulmia. It's 9 1/2in long with a 1 3/4in wide double iron. The iron is tapered and has lots of length left. It's especially clean and has zero pitting. The plane itself is made of beech with a hornbeam body. It has a very tight mouth. An ideal worker smooth plane in top condition
Item Number wbp926
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16in Wooden Razee Rabbet Plane.
This is a user-made plane 16in in long and 1 3/4in wide. It's decently done and clearly saw some work. I can imagine using it outside for construction or timber framing where you might not want to use your expensive bench rabbet plane
Item Number wbp977
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Clark and Williams Jack Plane.
Here's something you won't often see for sale- this plane was made by the famous planemaking duo Bill Clark and Larry Williams in 2008. Clark and Williams was the precursor to Old Street Tool, for those who don't know. It's 15in long with a 1 3/4in wide single iron. It's a beautifully made plane, as you'd expect. It's seen some use and has some slight scratches on the sole and toe. The blade is still near-perfect. These planes were made to be used, not to sit on a shelf so the wear is not unexpected. You'll need to wait in line if you want to purchase one of these new from Old Street. This one can be had in just 1-3 days via the USPS. A great opportunity for a fantastic plane made by a modern master
Item Number wbp975
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Rare Wedge-Arm 3/16in Double Reeding Plane.
This plane cuts two side-by-side 3/16in beads anywhere along the length of a board. It has an adjustable fence to regulates the distance it works from the edge. It was made by Atkin & Son in Brimingham, a top quality maker in the 19th century. This plane is very well-made, as are all Atkin's planes. The fit and finish is first class. One example- there is a very small, fragile fillet at the edge of the fence to allow the plane to cut its beads right at the edge of a board. This small detail is still intact and is free of damage. The boxing is still dead straight. the blade is clean and has plenty of life left. It's specialized, unusual plane in perfectly usable condition.. one of only one or two examples I've ever seen.
Item Number wbp973
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Unusual, Small Steel-Soled Wooden Smooth Plane.
This plane was made by E&J Evans in Rochester, NY. The firm worked from 1841-85 according to AWP-IV. It's unusually small at only 6 1/2in long with a 1/2in wide iron. It's also steel-shod which gives it a good heft and excellent wear resistance. The blade was made by Sandusky- it's incredibly thick at the business end and tapered. It's clean, free of pitting and has plenty of length left. It's an interesting plane that will make a great worker
Item Number wbp971
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Keen Kutter Wooden Smooth Plane.
This plane was made for the E.C. Simmmons company out of St. Louis, MO and sold under the Keen Kutter brand. It is 8in long with a 2in wide double iron. It has a knob on top which looks unusual but is original to the plane. The blade is original, long and clean. the sole has been recently flattened and it's dead-on. It'll make an excellent user with a minimum of work required
Item Number wbp957
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