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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-07-14 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-07-14 A surprise Saturday tool update! I added about four dozen new tools to the list today. Hope you find something you like! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. --Josh

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Wooden Bench Planes For Sale

Well-Used Toothing Plane.
This plane has no maker's mark. The body is mahogany, the sole has been replaced with beech. It's seen a lot of use and the blade is short, but usable.
Item Number wbp918
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Ohio Tool Coffin Smoother.
This smooth plane is 8in long and holds a 2in tapered double iron. The plane will work well- the sole was recently flattened and the blade is in fantastic as you can see in the photos. The only flaw is that the hardwood strike at the heel is missing. It would be easy to replace
Item Number wbp915
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