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New Tools Were Last Added: 2019-05-17 (newest items on top)

Update 2019-05-17 Surprise! A late Friday afternoon tool list. I had a few spare minutes at my kids gymnastics practice and put it to good use. I hope you find something you like- there are some good tools in this one. Enjoy your weekend! --Josh

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Wooden Planes For Sale

Excellent Horned Wooden Smooth Plane.
This plane is 9in long with a 2in wide double iron. The plane itself is unmarked but the blade is a Sandusky. The plane has little wear and some nice decorations on the wedge and throat. The blade is on the short side but in nice shape with no pitting at all on the back. A good, solid user.
Item Number wbp1037
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Handled Ovolo and Cove Plane.
This is a user-made molding plane that cuts a big 1 1/2in wide by 1in deep ovolo and cove profile. It's not quite big enough to be considered a crown molding. It's decently made with a two-piece oak body and a good blade. It's seen some use so it must be good enough to work.
Item Number wbp1034
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