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Update 2017-11-21 Hi everyone- a small update tonight with more coming tomorrow before the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for looking!

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CE Jennings 10in Backsaw.
This is a good, usable backsaw made by Jennings in New York. It's almost the same as a Disston no. 4 except the handle has that distinct Jennings look to it with the hump in the palm rest. It's a gorgeous design and it fits my hand better than any other maker's saw. The plate is in good shape and 2 1/2in deep under the steel spine. The handle is apple and in near perfect conditon. It needs to be sharpened but it won't take much work
Item Number s954
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Disston no. 240 metal handsaw.
This saw was intended to cut metal or wood. It's 24in long, dead straight, and quite clean. A very nice example
Item Number s948
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