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Update 2018-08-15 Hi Folks- it is a very small update tonight with a few more Sloane books and a couple of other interesting tools. I will be back tomorrow night with more. Thanks for looking!

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10in Dovetail Saw.
This straight-handled gent's saw has a dead straight plate with a faint etch on it I can't quite read. The handle is perfect. It's an ideal user in great condition
Item Number s1087
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Unusual Applewood Stair Saw.
This is a gorgeous saw made from a piece of deep red applewood with some nice figure to it. The blade is in good shape and decently sharp. It's interesting in that it's not adjustable. There are fixed holes in the blade that hold it at 1/2 or 5/8in deep. If you need to make a lot of cuts at those depths this saw is for you. The blade could likely be modified fairly easily to make slots for adjustment.
Item Number s1085
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Spear & Jackson 8in Backsaw.
This brass-backed backsaw has a slightly canted blade about 2in deep under the thick steel spine. The blade is straight and clean and has a light etch. The beech handle is in good shape with no damage. The only flaw is that it's missing the little button on top of the handle that holds the reinforcing pin in place. A solid worker.
Item Number s1056
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