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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-12-11 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-12-11 Hi Folks! I am finally back this evening with a small update to the tool list. With the holiday season in full swing I am finding it harder to find time for tool work. I am still committed to getting a couple of updates out every week through the end of the year so please keep an eye out. As always, I appreciate you stopping by. --Josh

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Miscellaneous Tools For Sale

Good, Usable Spokeshave.
This shave is unmarked and is made in a pattern similar to those Godell-Pratt made. It has a good blade and is free of damage. A solid worker.
Item Number m2891
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Goodell-Pratt 14in Plumb and Level.
This is an excellent level that I believe it made of walnut. Both vials are intact and the body is in very good condition overall. It looks great and works well.
Item Number m2893
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Unusual, Large Morrill Patent Saw Set.
This is an early, excellent example with three patent dates. It's a big boy ,likely used for crosscut saws. It has no damage or apologies.. A good-looking, usable example.
Item Number m2860
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Interesting Saw Wrest.
This is a standard saw wrest with the interesting addition of an adjustable gauge. It is marked for John Shaw & Sons and has the "Governor" mark as well as "foreign" meaning it was imported for sale in England. It's clean and works well.
Item Number m2855
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Exceptional Early Saw Set.
this saw set was made by R. Timmins & Sons of Birmingham. It's exceptionally clean and looks hand-made, though it's highly refined and has nice decorative file work. The original fence is present. It's a beautiful tool in working order.
Item Number m2856
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Stanley no. 131A Yankee Screwdriver.
This Yankee screwdriver is in excellent working order. This is the model with the return spring so use caution when opening it. It comes with three bits and the scarce countersink bit which is very useful. A great example of this tool.
Item Number m2826
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Starrett no. 104 high Speed Incicator.
This indicator is in perfect condition but the box has blown-out corners. This is a top quality machinists tool made in Athol, MA by Starrett
Item Number m2804
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Morrill Patent Saw Set.
This sawset is marked with patent no. 30572. It's in good working order
Item Number m2755
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Stanley 4in Machinists Level.
This small level was patented May 20. 1896. It's missing a bit of nickel but the vial is intact.
Item Number m2757
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North Brothers no. 135 Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver w/ Extras.
This is an earlier model made in Philadelphia, PA probably in the late teens to 1920s. It has four patent dates on the shaft and is also marked "Others pending". It comes with three original bits as well as a countersink and an adapter to hold push drill bits. and works perfectly.
Item Number m2746
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Interesting Wooden spokeshave.
This shave is 11in long with a 2in wide blade. The body appears to be walnut and has exceptional color. The blade is in excellent condition. It's a simple shave that appears to be made for a specific application.
Item Number m2739
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Mint, IOB Goodell-Pratt 0-1in Micrometer.
This mic is in new condition. It comes in its original box with a graphic original label. The original wrench is also included. I've never seen one of these in the original box. An outstanding too
Item Number m2721
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WoodJoy Small Compass Spokeshave.
This One inch Performance Spokeshave has a compassed brass sole in front of the blade.. This shave is in new condition and appears unused. It retails for $95 new from WoodJoy
Item Number m2718
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BENCHCRAFTED "Classic" Leg Vise Kit.
This kit was purchased from Bencrafted and never installed. It's still in its original box. This was one of the few "unfinished" kits Benchcrafted offered without the Parkerized finish. It retails for $195.
Item Number m2719
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Early, Unmarked Saw Set.
This sawset is completely unmarked. It's remarkably well-made with nice decorative touches that prove to me it's hand-made.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $15
Item Number m2618
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North Brothers no. 30A Yankee Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver..
This is a pre-WWII example in excellent condition. It works perfectly. It can be used as a regular screwdriver, ratchet screwdriver, or spiral screwdriver. This example has the rare "finger guard" for lack of a better term, which I imagine prevents the fingers of the non-driving hand from getting caught in the mechanism. It was made in Philadelphia by North Brothers. It comes with three bits. An excellent example
Item Number m2696
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