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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-09-25 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-09-25 Tonights update includes some excellent molding planes, a few nice gouges and other edge tools, and other fun stuff. If you want to see that J.COGDELL plane in action check out my Instagram: I hope to have another small update live tomorrow night. Thanks for looking!

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Miscellaneous Tools For Sale

Excellent Adjustable Beech Spokeshave.
This shave has no maker's mark but is well-made and in excellent working order. It's 10.5in long with a 3in wide blade. The mouth has a brass wear plate in front of the blade. The blade itself is clean and sharp with plenty of life left to it and zero pitting. It is adjusted by means of two threaded brass thumbscrews. Unlike many examples I find, this one has working adjusters with good threads. It's an excellent example ready to put to work
Item Number m2188
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Douglass Mfg. Co. 8in Drawknife.
This drawknife has a good clean blade with some length left to it. The handles are perfectly tight. It was made in Seymour, CT by Douglass, predecessor to the James Swan Co. A good, usable drawknife.
Item Number m2189
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Stanley no. 53 Adjustable Spokeshave.
This is one of Stanley's better spokeshave designs with an adjustable mouth that makes it easy to quickly change the depth of cut. This is the gull-wing version, It's an early tool with the arched Stanley logo likely dating to pre-1900. The springs are good and strong and there's no damage, only very light wear from use. The blade is good and clean. It's a good, usable example of this useful shave.
Item Number m2190
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Millers Falls no. 61A Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver.
This is the medium size in Millers Falls' lineup of spiral ratchet screwdrivers. It has an unusual chuck design with a contoured grip to protect the user's hand. Not all of these I find have this guard so I imagine it was a custom order. This one works smoothly with no damage or undue wear. It comes with an assortment of bits that fit this particular model.
Item Number m2177
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Massive, Early Bench Dog.
This is an early-looking bench dog with a distinctly hand-made look to it. It's over 2 pounds and requires a hole approx 1 1/4in by 1in.
Item Number m2171
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Beech Hollow Tool Handle.
This hollow tool handle is unmarked. The handle includes ten bits including a gouge, saw, gimlet, awl, bradawl, screwdriver, etc. It also has a small hammer head which won't fit in the head. The split two jaw chuck will hold just about anything with a small square shank which makes it handy to hold small files, etc.
Item Number m2140
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Small Cross-Peen Hammer.
This hammer has two cross-peen faces like a tack hammer, but not quite the same. When in doubt, it's probably a leather-working tool. It's in excellent condition all around.
Item Number m2131
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Vintage Planemakers Float.
This is a rare vintage planemaker's edge float. It's 12in long overall. Each tooth is skewed in a direction, one left, one right, one left, etc. It's seen a lot of use and might be more of an artifact at this point than a working tool. Still, it's very early and a very rare tool to find.
Item Number m2114
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Interesting & Excellent Bennett Pat. Scraper.
This scraper was made by the Bennett Mfg. Co. of Buffalo, NY. It is marked "Pat Applied For". The tool has a long maple handle and an adjustable head angle. It has a cast head that holds a 3in wide scraper blade. It's clean and excellent overall. It's completely usable and quite interesting
Item Number m2104
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Millers Falls no. 610A Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver.
This screwdriver is in very good conditon and works perfectly It has a strong return spring allowing for easy one-handed use. It can act as a spiral screw driver, a push drill with the right adapter, or a standard ratchet screwdriver. It comes with three bits.
Item Number m2092
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Atha 20oz Framing Hammer.
This is a nice vintage framing hammer in good working order. It has its original hickory handle which is nicely waisted and free of damage
Item Number m2086
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Boxwood Spokeshave.
This is a well-used spokeshave in good working order. It's earned a nice, honest patina over the years. It is 11in long overall with a 2 5/8in wide blade. The blade has a small chip but is quite clean. It is unmarked as far as I can tell
Item Number m2074
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