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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-02-16 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-02-16

Hi again! Another update tonight as I continue the great winter clean-out. There's lots of unusual and useful stuff here. I hope to have some more coming up tomorrow as well. Thanks for reading! --Josh

A quick note- It's getting towards the end of winter and I need to make room for spring tool season. I've got many hundreds of tools to find new homes for. There's nothing exceptional or exciting about this stuff, it's just decent, usable tools. I often hear from new woodworkers who need usable tools on a tight budget. I think many of these items will suit. I do realize that it's not practical to spend $4 to ship a $5 item so I want to remind everyone that I'm happy to hold items for up to a month in hopes that you'll find more items to add to a box and save on shipping. Also keep an eye on my Parts and Projects page for some tools that need a little more TLC than normal, but are worth the effort

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Miscellaneous Tools For Sale

Stanley no. 43 Saw Set.
This is the big brother to the no. 42 sawset. This one is meant for big handsaws, timber saws, etc. It's in good, usable condition with only minor finish loss
Item Number m2380
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Scarce North Brothers 20-3 Spiral Screwdriver.
This screwdriver was made for manufacturing where there was only a need to drive screws. The spiral shaft only works one way. Just in case, there is a provision to remove screws using the ratchet mechanism if the slider is moved to the left, but it's not something the tool excels at. This is the largest of the three sizes North Brother offered. It's in excellent working order and comes with three bits..
Item Number m2376
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Lufkin 4in Inside Calipers Dividers.
These calipers are in excellent condition with no flaws. They work perfectly. They were made in Saginaw, MI and are absolutely top quality.
Item Number m2368
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Small Hand Vise.
This small vise is especially well-made and more ornately decorated than most I find. The lock ing screw only has one wing, but it still works just fine. A very useful hand-held vise
Item Number m2354
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Yankee no. 131A Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver.
This is probably a wartime model as it's all brass with no nickel at all. It works well and has only light wear. It comes with three bits.
Item Number m2347
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Small Hand Vise.
This small vise is a bit on the crude side, perhaps earlier than most I see. It was not fitted with a spring to open the jaws. The joint is peened over with a copper pin. It works well. This is a handy tool for grinding and honing small bits and blades
Item Number m2349
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Big Hand Vise.
This is an over-built hand vise with a big handle for cranking down the 2in jaws. It's unmarked and well-made, ready for work.
Item Number m2334
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Early Box Scraper.
This looks like a Stanley 70 but it's unmarked. It's seen use but remains in very good conditon overall. The locking screw is a twisted eye screw like the early Stanley shaves featured. Early & usable
Item Number m2327
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Scarce Kellett Patent Triple Plane Blade.
This is a rather strange design patented Sept. 16, 1884, by William Kellett. It's a 2 5/8in wide 7.5in long iron. It uses three pieces- a chip breaker, backing iron, and the actual blade which is sandwiched in between. This example is pristine. It's an uncommon design and not one I've ever seen in this condition.
Item Number m2263
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