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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-07-24 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-07-24 Good evening! I am just back from a recent trip with a big load of tools to sell. I put a few dozen new items up on the list this evening with more to come tomorrow. Thanks for looking!

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Miscellaneous Tools For Sale

Well-Made Thicknessing Jig.
This jig is made of mahogany and has a 2in Stanley blade mounted in it. It clearly has some age to it. It's used by pulling the stock through the adjustable aperture between the blade and rest. I've seen these used for basket splits but others have claimed they use these for guitar binding and violin purfling.
Item Number m2078
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Boxwood Spokeshave.
This is a well-used spokeshave in good working order. It's earned a nice, honest patina over the years. It is 11in long overall with a 2 5/8in wide blade. The blade has a small chip but is quite clean. It is unmarked as far as I can tell
Item Number m2074
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Well-Made Coachmakers Router.
This beech router is very well made but completely unmarked. It has a beech body and iron fitting around the mouth. It's in excellent condition.
Item Number m2049
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Boxwood Spokeshave.
this shave was made by F. Britain of sheffield. There is a faint mark with the Swan logo on the front. It has a fair blade with a patch of pitting. The boxwood boy is usable. A decent worker at a bargain price
Item Number m2012
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