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Miscellaneous Tools For Sale

Excellent Keen Kutter Hollow Tool handle.
This is a high quality tool handle was made by Fray for EC Simmons and sold under the Keen Kutter label. It is in near perfect condition with six original bits in the hollow handle. The jaws can grip just about anything with a square shank so it's a handy tool to use with files, rasps, and other small tools. a super clean example in perfect working order
Item Number m2274
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Stanley nos 28&29 Cornering Tools.
These simple tools are used to put a quick round-over on a sharp corner. These is an unmatched pair both in good, usable condition. They need sharpening and have minor finish loss
Item Number m2270
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Starrett 93B T-Handle Tap Wrench .
this tap wrench is in new condition and retails for $38 today if bought new from Starrett
Item Number m2271
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Tiny Starrett Keychain Screwdriver.
This is a small screwdriver with a split ring that is I assume for using on a key chain. It's only 2in long overall and is clearly marked Starrett thought it has no model number. It holds a tiny little flat head screwdriver and might make a good screwdriver for eyeglasses? It could be a promotional give-away. I can't find any other examples out on the Interwebs so let me know if you've seen this before.
Item Number m2266
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Scarce Kellett Patent Triple Plane Blade.
This is a rather strange design patented Sept. 16, 1884, by William Kellett. It's a 2 5/8in wide 7.5in long iron. It uses three pieces- a chip breaker, backing iron, and the actual blade which is sandwiched in between. This example is pristine. It's an uncommon design and not one I've ever seen in this condition.
Item Number m2263
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Scarce E F Dixie, Worcester MA Spokeshave.
This is a weird double-iron spokeshave made by EF Dixie in Worcester, MA. The EAIA DAT has the firm working ca. 1851 and not much more information than that. It's a decent example with a usable blade. It's an interesting shave in decent conditon
Item Number m2258
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Pair of Starrett Stair Gauges.
Stair gauges clamp to a framing or rafter square to allow for laying out stair stringers, hip, valley, and other rafter cuts. These cost $42 if bought new from Starrett today.
Item Number m2244
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Morrill Patent Saw Set.
This is a good working example with the Dec 20, 1887 and Dec 2, 1890 patent dates.
Item Number m2239
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Boxwood Spokeshave.
This is a well-used spokeshave in good working order. It's earned a nice, honest patina over the years. It is 11in long overall with a 2 5/8in wide blade. The blade has a small chip but is quite clean. It is unmarked as far as I can tell
Left-Over and Reduced to: $22
Item Number m2074
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Vintage Planemakers Float.
This is a rare vintage planemaker's edge float. It's 12in long overall. Each tooth is skewed in a direction, one left, one right, one left, etc. It's seen a lot of use and might be more of an artifact at this point than a working tool. Still, it's very early and a very rare tool to find.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $29
Item Number m2114
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Excellent, Unmarked 3in Rosewood try Square.
This square has a stunning rosewood handle with a nice sapwood streak on one side. The blade is straight and square. It's unmarked.
Item Number m2215
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Scarce Stanley no. 62 Double Spokeshave.
This is a usable example of his rare shave with a few flaws that will keep it out of the collector's realm, but sill a fine worker. It's a design patented by J. Traut on April 18, 1876. It has two clean blades, each with the circular Stanley logo. It has a B casting mark on the bottom indicating it was made in the late 1890s. There is a chip out of the back of the sole on one face, and a small crack in the corner of the other. Don't over-tighten the locking screws and the crack won't be a problem. They don't need to be over-tight, just hand tight. a really interesting, perfectly usable shave
Item Number m2200
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