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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-03-20 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-03-20 Finally! New tools! It has been a tough couple of weeks to find the time to work on tools- two snowstorms kept the kids home from school for four days which kept me busy and limited my shop time. I finally had some free time to get a decent list of tools together, maybe four or five dozen to add to the list tonight. There are some good user planes, some interesting and unusual stuff, and a few bargains. I am dead set on spending the next two or three weeks trying to empty my storage area to make room for the new tools coming in with the start of spring tool season. I should be listing a ton of user tools, many at bargain prices, as well as many additions to my "parts and projects" page to make room for the new stuff. Keep an eye out for new stuff posted as fast as I can get it on the list. Thanks for looking!

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Miscellaneous Tools For Sale

North Brothers no. 42 Automatic Push Drill.
This is a nice working example of this somewhat scarce push drill. It's essentially the same as the more common 44 but with a wood handle and no internal magazine. there is some paint on the handle. The spiral mechanism works perfectly. It comes with a small wooden case of bits, all in good usable conditon. A very useful small push drill for quickly and carefully drilling fine holes.
Item Number m1940
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Early Goodell-Pratt Push drill.
This drill is especially useful for drilling small holes quickly and accurately without risk of breaking small bits. It's in excellent working order and has most of the original nickel. It has a compliment of 6 bits in its magazine handle. this model holds X shank bits in the split two jaw chuck. It's an excellent working example.
Item Number m1931
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Pair of Yankee Offset Ratcheting Screwdrivers.
These two screwdrivers aren't something you'll use often but if you have a screw in a tight spot they are worth their weight in silver. This is a pair of offset drivers, each with two size heads, each capable of ratcheting in either direction. They are models 3400 and 3800. Both are in excellent working order.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $24
Item Number m1873
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