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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-10-16 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-10-16 Hi Everyone- It is a cold, crisp autumn night here in Connecticut. We finally have the wood stove burning for the first time this year, the latest we have ever been able to wait thanks to the unseasonably warm weather here lately. Tonight I added about five dozen tools to the list including some good gouges, some block planes, molding planes, and a couple of wooden jointers. I hope you find something you like! Thanks for looking --Josh

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Metallic Planes For Sale

Stanley no. 102 Block Plane.
This is a small pocket-sized block plane. It's a simple, effective design. This example is in excellent condition as shown in the photos.
Item Number op812
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Stanley no. 9 1/4 Block Plane.
This is a nice clean Pre-WWII example in very good condition. It has most original japanning and a long, clean blade. The sides and sole have some light patina that could be polished off if you like shiny. All of the adjusters work well. This is essentially the same as the 9 1/2 but lacking the adjustable mouth. A fine worker in good condition.
Item Number op816
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E.C. Stearns Cabinet Scraper.
This cabinet scraper is essentially the same as a Stanley no. 80. It was made in Syracuse, NY by Stearns. It has a partial decal and a good blade. Most of the original finish remains. It looks like a nice working cabinet scraper to put to use
Item Number op807
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Stanley no. 103 Adjustable Block Plane.
This is a small, simple pocket block plane made in the 1890s according to the "S" casting marks. It has a good, clean blade with a lot of life left. The adjusting lever works well. It's been used a bit and it's missing some japanning where the user's hand rested. It's a solid working example of this handy little block plane
Item Number op785
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Small Handled Low-Angle Block Plane.
This plane is completely unmarked. It has a rather rough casting but the blade is quite nice. It has no marks whatsoever.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $20
Item Number op544
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Adjustable Block Plane.
This plane looks like a Stanley no 9 1/2 made for Great Neck. While modern Great Neck planes are not especially recommended, this one looks like a good vintage example. It has a clean blade and good adjusters. I can't tell it apart from a Stanley-branded 9 1/2. It should be a solid worker, though not something you'd show off to your woodworking buddies.
Item Number op773
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Stanley no. 81 Cabinet Scraper.
This scraper is essentially the same as the no. 80 but with the addition of a rosewood sole. This is a good example with lots of depth left to the sole and no screws poking through. The nickel is 80% or so. The blade is in excellent condition- it's a long, clean H. Disston & Sons blade with zero pitting and a clean etch. It's perfectly usable and in great shape
Item Number op768
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Interesting User-Made Infill Shoulder Plane.
This plane is 9 1/2in long and 1in wide. It's made with a steel body and filled with rosewood. It has a blade adjuster as well as a second knob that holds the blade in place. It has a cap iron which serves no purpose that I can see but it does have a notch for the blade locking mechanism to engage. It's an interesting plane.. usable but not terribly well-made. It's a good first try!
Item Number op767
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Stanley 130 Double-Ended Block Plane.
This is a simple, effective double-ended block plane, one end being a standard block plane, the other a bullnose. This example was made in the "type 11' era ca. 1910-1918. It's perfectly usable, though not exactly for fine work. You can include it in your outdoor working kit without worrying about it.
Item Number op764
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