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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-09-25 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-09-25 Tonights update includes some excellent molding planes, a few nice gouges and other edge tools, and other fun stuff. If you want to see that J.COGDELL plane in action check out my Instagram: I hope to have another small update live tomorrow night. Thanks for looking!

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Metallic Planes For Sale

Stanley no. 75 Bullnose Rabbet Plane.
This is an extra-clean example with an excellent blade. It's a useful small plane for cleaning up rabbets and other tight-quarters work.
Item Number op674
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Excellent Stanley SW Era no. 103 Block Plane.
This is an excellent example with all japanning and a perfect blade. The blade adjuster works well. It's a solid example of this very useful small block plane
Item Number op675
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