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Update 2019-02-20 Hi Folks! Back tonight with another update of tools. I added about tree dozen new tools including some additions to the parts and projects page. Thanks for stopping by! --Josh

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Metalic Handplaness For Sale

Good, Usable Stanley no. 6 Jointer/Fore Plane.
This is a WWII era plane from earlier in the war when Stanley still included the frog adjuster screws. It's generally clean with most of the original japanning and only light patina on the sides and sole. The tote has a well repaired crack at the base. The blade is not original- it's a SW era blade from the 1920s which is in exceptional condition- clean and sharp. It's not a collectible, but a solid user to put to work as a jointer or fore plane.
Item Number p1235
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Massive Stanely 28in no. 33 Jointer Plane.
This is a huge jointer with a 28in long body and 2 5/8in wide blade. It dates to the late 1880s based on the design of the lateral adjuster. The plane is surprisingly clean considering the age. The wood bottom has no chips or cracks, just a few light scratches in the sole. The knob and tote are both in good shape. The adjusters work well. The blade is in beautiful condition with no pitting and almost all original length left. It's about as big as they come. A great example to put to use
Item Number p1237
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