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Update 2018-02-16

Hi again! Another update tonight as I continue the great winter clean-out. There's lots of unusual and useful stuff here. I hope to have some more coming up tomorrow as well. Thanks for reading! --Josh

A quick note- It's getting towards the end of winter and I need to make room for spring tool season. I've got many hundreds of tools to find new homes for. There's nothing exceptional or exciting about this stuff, it's just decent, usable tools. I often hear from new woodworkers who need usable tools on a tight budget. I think many of these items will suit. I do realize that it's not practical to spend $4 to ship a $5 item so I want to remind everyone that I'm happy to hold items for up to a month in hopes that you'll find more items to add to a box and save on shipping. Also keep an eye on my Parts and Projects page for some tools that need a little more TLC than normal, but are worth the effort

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Metallic Planes For Sale

Huge Stanley no. 132 Jointer Plane.
This is the largest, and least common, of Stanley's Liberty Bell line of hand planes. It's 26in long with a 2 5/8in wide iron. The Liberty Bell planes were a compromise in price between the inexpensive all-wood planes of the time, and the more expensive Stanley planes with the more expensive Bailey pattern adjusters. This plane has a very clean body, perfect knob and tote, and the original 2 5/8in wide blade. The blades and chipbreakers on these planes are not interchangeable with regular Bailey planes which makes them very hard to find. The blade on this one is pitted, as you can see in the photos, but salvageable. Put a back bevel on it and it'll be ready in no time. It's not a top-end plane, but an affordable, usable big jointer
Item Number p1083
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24in Jointer Plane.
This plane is 24in long with a 2 3/8in wide double iron. This is a Stanley no. 31 but not branded. It has an identical casting, frog, knob, and tote as a 31. The only exceptions are the iron which is a beautiful tapered, unmarked blade, and the lateral adjuster which is twisted, not the patented Stanley adjuster. It's a high quality plane in very good condition. It has minimal wear, even on the sole. the blade is very clean and free of pitting, but it has a chip on one corner that will require a quick grind to correct. A fine user jointer plane.
Item Number p1084
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Stanley no. 28 Fore/Jointer Plane.
This plane is 18in long and holds a 2 3/8in wide blade. It'll make a nice shorter jointer or a fore plane. It's seen some use but remains in excellent working order. the sole is dead flat, recently jointed. The blade is near-perfect. The tote has a very good repair to a crack on the horn- it's nearly invisible. The adjusters work perfectly. It has some missing japanning, but 75%+ remains. It's a solid user in nice condition.
Item Number p1079
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