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Update 2018-08-15 Hi Folks- it is a very small update tonight with a few more Sloane books and a couple of other interesting tools. I will be back tomorrow night with more. Thanks for looking!

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Metallic Planes For Sale

Early Stanley no. 13 Circular Plane.
This is an early "type 3" example made 1879-1884. It has Sargent's June 17, 1879 patent date on the side. The blade is original, as is the lever cap. There is no damage, just litke wear from use. The sole still adjusts easily both inside and out. The blade is in good shape as well with no rust or pitting. It has the first style lateral adjuster on it which narrows the date of manufacture down closer to 1885. It's a nice early, usable example of this useful circular plane.
Item Number p1135
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Stanley no. 19 Block Plane.
This is the slightly larger brother of the more common no. 18. It's 7in long. It features an adjustable mouth, a lateral adjuster, and blade adjuster. It's in excellent condition overall. It's an early model with three patent dates on the lateral. The blade is original and completely free of pitting. The nickel plating on the lever cap is 95% or better. All of the adjusters work well. It's a great general purpose block plane
Item Number op759
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Unusual Craftsman-made Router Plane.
We see a lot of craftsman-made metallic router planes. This one is a little different in that it's not a patternmaker's free-time cast iron copy. This one is fabricated from a block of steel, with a post to hold the blade welded to the base. It's decently done, weighs a ton, and has some nice rosewood-ish handles mounted which make up for the other ugliness. The blade is 1/4in wide and in really good shape. Interesting and usable.
Item Number op760
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Wartime Stanley no. 4 Smooth Plane.
This plane was made during WWII and shows some of the results of supply shortages. It has hardwood handles rather than rosewood. The adjusting wheel is made of Bakelite, not brass. There is still some brass trim on the ends of the handle hardware. The frog also has its adjuster so it's not a full-on wartime plane. It's a bit dark in places, but the japanning is near-perfect. There are no cracks or chips in the knob or tote. The blade is quite decent- long and free of pitting. It's a solid user smooth plane made during an interesting time in the company's history
Item Number p1130
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Small Handled Low-Angle Block Plane.
This plane is completely unmarked. It has a rather rough casting but the blade is quite nice. It has no marks whatsoever.
Item Number op544
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