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Metallic Planes For Sale

Interesting Birmingham Plane Company Block Plane.
The Birmingham Plane Company operated in what is now Derby, CT. This block plane is the largest of the three sizes they made measuring 7in long and holding a 1 3/4in wide iron. This model was offered with and without a blade adjuster- this example does not have it, nor is the blade prepared to accept an adjuster. It's in fair condition overall and could definitely be used. The lever cap has a pronounced hump where the user's palm rests. As you can imagine these planes are frequently found with cracked caps. This one is intact. the blade is clean and crisp. The sides of the plane flare out a bit and there are small cast nubs to hold which make for a more comfortable and secure grip than other block planes. An interesting plane in solid user condition
Left-Over and Reduced to: $20
Item Number op584
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