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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-11-21 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-11-21 OK.. one more update before my Thanksgiving break. I hope everyone out there has a fantastic Thanksgiving with friends and family. Sit back and enjoy it before the holiday madness begins and we time-warp to January 2. This update includes some really nice saws both new and old. I also have some good edge tools, molding planes, and other fun stuff. Please note.. the auto-focus on my camera is apparently not working consistently and a few pictures have wound up blurry without my noticing it. I apologize for that and will try to get it fixed. This camera has 200k+ pictures under its belt so I suppose I do not owe it much! Thanks as always for reading. --Josh

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Metallic Planes For Sale

Stanley 4C Smooth Plane.
This plane is a "type 7" made between 1893-1899 according to the type study. The plane has been used and has some honest patina. The knob and tote are still in great shape. The blade is a slightly later SW ear replacement from around 1920. The blade is long and clean and has plenty of life left in it. The adjuster still work easily. It's a solid worker no. 4 to put to work
Item Number p1017
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Sargent no. 307 Block Plane.
This is a nice clean working example of what is essentially Sargent's version of the Stanley 9 1/2. It's missing some finish but the blade is near perfect and the adjusters work perfectly. It has an adjustable mouth, blade adjuster, and lateral.. A solid general-purpose block plane.
Item Number op698
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