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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-03-20 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-03-20 Finally! New tools! It has been a tough couple of weeks to find the time to work on tools- two snowstorms kept the kids home from school for four days which kept me busy and limited my shop time. I finally had some free time to get a decent list of tools together, maybe four or five dozen to add to the list tonight. There are some good user planes, some interesting and unusual stuff, and a few bargains. I am dead set on spending the next two or three weeks trying to empty my storage area to make room for the new tools coming in with the start of spring tool season. I should be listing a ton of user tools, many at bargain prices, as well as many additions to my "parts and projects" page to make room for the new stuff. Keep an eye out for new stuff posted as fast as I can get it on the list. Thanks for looking!

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Metallic Planes For Sale

Union X8 Jointer Plane.
This is a scarce union corrugated X8 24in jointer. It uses union's 12-08-03 patents for the vertical post blade adjuster and the blade design. The plane uses a slightly thicker blade than Stanley did which is beneficial in that it prevents chatter. It's a scarce plane but completely usable and in excellent working order. The blade is lapped flat and completely free of pitting. It's very sharp and has a lot of length left. The knob and tote have some minor wear but no cracks. The plane has 95% or better japanning and nice clean sides and sole. there is no damage to the cast lever cap which is frequently found with one or both ears chipped off- if you use this one don't clamp down the lever cap too tight- it doesn't need to be in order to use it and you risk breaking it. I've used this plane and it works well. the vertical adjuster take a little getting used to but it's very accurate and has almost no backlash at all. It's a fine example to use or add to a collection.
Item Number p860
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