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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-12-11 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-12-11 Hi Folks! I am finally back this evening with a small update to the tool list. With the holiday season in full swing I am finding it harder to find time for tool work. I am still committed to getting a couple of updates out every week through the end of the year so please keep an eye out. As always, I appreciate you stopping by. --Josh

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Metallic Planes For Sale

Stanley 4c BEDROCK Smooth Plane.
This is a "type 1" Bedrock. It's marked no. 4 with the milled-off patent date. The blade is period-correct. The tote and knob are both in good shape. It's seen use and has the expected dings and scratches. The lever cap is period correct as well with the "B" casting mark but it is not marked Bedrock. The other interesting point is that the lateral adjuster is twisted, not the usual two-piece construction you'd expect. Regardless, it's not a collector's item, just a solid worker. It features the "bedrock" fully milled mating surfaces between the bed and frog. It's a good, solid working example of this earliest Bedrock type
Item Number p1209
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Stanley no. 79 Side Rabbet Plane.
This plane is a perfectly usable example. It's seen use and is missing some nickel on the palm rests but has good blades and no damage. Not the most confortable plane to use, in my opinion, but it works.
Item Number op844
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Stanley no. 103 Adjustable Block Plane.
This is a small, simple pocket block plane made in the 1890s according to the "S" casting marks. It has a good, clean blade with a lot of life left. The adjusting lever works well. It's been used a bit and it's missing some japanning where the user's hand rested. It's a solid working example of this handy little block plane
Item Number op785
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Small Handled Low-Angle Block Plane.
This plane is completely unmarked. It has a rather rough casting but the blade is quite nice. It has no marks whatsoever.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $20
Item Number op544
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