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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-04-23 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-04-23 Hi everyone. I put a big list of new tools up on the list today, some four dozen or so. I hope you see something you like. Thanks for looking!

Tools are organized into the following categories:

Measuring, Marking and Layout Tools For Sale

Tite-Mark Long Marking Gauge.
This gauge is lightly used and has no defects or visible wear. it comes with the 3/8in and 1/2in double-bevel mortise blades as well as the adjustable mortise gauge heads. All together it retails for around $155 new from Lie-Nielsen.
Item Number mml2603
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Starrett no. 70-A Pocket Scriber.
This scribe is in mint condition in its original package. The point can be reversed and stored inside the shank.
Item Number mml2600
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Classic British 8in Wing Divider.
This divider was made by the Birmingham toolmaker "H. Brindley" . It is stamped with the year 1945. They are in excellent working condition. This is a stout design with thick, tapered legs and a solid locking screw. The hinge and legs are nicely shaped which hides how thick the tool is. It's a good size for bench work.
Item Number mml2596
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Boxwood Mortise Gauge.
This gauge has somewhat short pins but they are long enough to use. It has a nice patina and functions well. It is unmarked.
Item Number mml2582
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Excellent 3/4in Side Bead Molding Plane.
This plane was made by The Glasgow planemaker Moir who made top quality molding lanes throughout the late 19th century. This is a clean plane without any damage. The blade is clean and bedded at cabinet pitch. the boxing is perfect. I'll make an outstanding worker for larger house moldings, etc.
Item Number mml2580
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Small Cast Iron Level.
This level is unmarked and closely resembles every Stanley I've seen. It's designed as a bench level and can also be mounted to a framing square via the included set screw. It's in excellent conditon with an intact vial and almost all original japanning
Item Number mml2567
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Massive, Early, Hand-Forged 21in Wing Dividers.
These dividers are clearly very early and hand-forged. they have a rather rustic look to them but they are perfectly functional. The points are even and sharp- the hinge is easy to adjust and the locking screw works perfectly. it'll be a good set to use for very large layout work.
Item Number mml2543
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Mint, Unused Lufkin no. 141 2in Toolmakers Outside Calipers.
These calipers are dead mint, new-old-stock in their original envelope with the original QA pass tag an the original box.
Item Number mml2532
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