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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-02-16 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-02-16

Hi again! Another update tonight as I continue the great winter clean-out. There's lots of unusual and useful stuff here. I hope to have some more coming up tomorrow as well. Thanks for reading! --Josh

A quick note- It's getting towards the end of winter and I need to make room for spring tool season. I've got many hundreds of tools to find new homes for. There's nothing exceptional or exciting about this stuff, it's just decent, usable tools. I often hear from new woodworkers who need usable tools on a tight budget. I think many of these items will suit. I do realize that it's not practical to spend $4 to ship a $5 item so I want to remind everyone that I'm happy to hold items for up to a month in hopes that you'll find more items to add to a box and save on shipping. Also keep an eye on my Parts and Projects page for some tools that need a little more TLC than normal, but are worth the effort

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Chisels and Carving Tools For Sale

Stout Charles Buck 7/8in Socket Framing/Mortise Chisel.
This chisel is 16in long overall. It was made in Milbury, MA by Charles Buck. The handle has some wear you can see in the photos but it still usable The blade needs a grind and hone but is quite clean overall. It's a top quality edge tool that would make a perfect user
Item Number c3285
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Stout DR Barton 1in Framing Chisel.
This chisel is 16in from end to end. It has a thick, laminated blade for the hardest work. There is some very light pitting on the back you can see in the photos- overall it's very good for a chisel this size and age. It was made in Rochester, NY by DR Barton.
Item Number c3289
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Ward 1/2in Incannel Gouge.
This gouge is in fair condition- there is some small bits of micro-pitting on the inside face. The bevel is fresh ground but a bit uneven. On the upside the handle is fantastic and has most of its original decal.
Item Number c3277
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5/8in Greenlee Socket Chisel.
This chisel is 12+in long. It's a stout chisel with square sides. It has a very clean back free of pitting. It's a high quality edge tool made in Rockford, IL by Greenlee.
Item Number c3261
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Small DR Barton 1/8in no. 11 Veining Tool.
This is an extra-deep no. 11 gouge in excellent condition. It's an uncommon size made by this top quality Buffalo, NY maker.
Item Number c3263
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Herring Brothers 1/2in Carving Chisel.
This double-bevel carving chisel is in excellent conditon with a near-perfect blade.
Item Number c3264
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Herring Brothers 1/2in Carving Chisel.
This chisel is 9.5in long overall . It's in near-perfect without any flaws or defects. It has a double bevel for carving and is quite sharp. An outstanding edge tool
Item Number c3254
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Tiny 1/16in no. 44 Curved V Tool by SJ ADDIS.
This tine BV tool was made for Addis by Ward and Payne in Sheffield. It's in good shape with a clean blade, though it does need a quick grind to correct some errors at the bevel. It'll take minimal work and bye usable without too much fuss
Item Number c3244
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Ward 1/4in Tang Gouge.
This is a standard no. 7 sweep 1/4in gouge made by Ward in Sheffield. The logo is faint but it's Ward. The handle is perfect.. the blade slightly discolored but completely free of pitting. It needs to be sharpened and it'll be a fine user
Item Number c3210
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