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Update 2019-04-18 Wow! I got absolutely crushed with email yesterday after I sent my spring newsletter out. I am still working through the backlog. The list is pretty much updated at this point with what is still available. I will do my best to get all emails replied to today and as many tools shipped as I can. Thank you for your support! It means a lot to me. --Josh

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Drils, Bits, and Borxting Tools For Sale

Clark Patent Expansive bit.
This bit bores holes from 7/8in to 3in. It was made by the CT Valley Mfg. Co. It's a very handy bit to have available when you need to bore an odd sized hole. This example is in excellent working condition
Item Number d1768
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Early, Interesting Adjustable Washer Cutter.
This tool can cut circles or washers in thin wood, leather, rubber, etc. It's an early-looking example that appears to be hand-forged. It has long cutters and a good point and is perfectly usable.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $12
Item Number d1729
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