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Update 2018-12-11 Hi Folks! I am finally back this evening with a small update to the tool list. With the holiday season in full swing I am finding it harder to find time for tool work. I am still committed to getting a couple of updates out every week through the end of the year so please keep an eye out. As always, I appreciate you stopping by. --Josh

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Stanley Heavy-Duty 10in Ratchet Bit Brace.
This is a no. 1246 bit brace with a heavy dut ball bearing chuck. It works perfefctly. The ratchet is smooth in both directions. The pad is smooth and free of slop. The jaws are perfect. It's missing some nickel plating but the wood is perfect. An ideal worker in a useful general-purpose size
Item Number d1673
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Unusual 10in Bit Brace.
This brace was made by the Lancaster Machine & Knife Works in Lancaster, PA. It utilizes Joseph Zirikelback's Oct 14, 1890 patent ratchet mechanism. It's a made with gorgeous cocobolo. Some original nickel is missing. The ratchet works well and has a unique mechanism to engage it. The brace works well and is a nice example of this scarce design.
Item Number d1650
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