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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-06-21 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-06-21 Hi Folks- Finally an update to the tool list tonight.. I appreciate your patience with me.. my day job has been extra-busy lately and I am spending every evening at the ball field coaching my daughters all-star softball team. That does not leave much time for tools, unfortunately. I am doing my best to keep the list up-to-date and add new items as time allows. Thanks for looking! I appreciate it.

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Boring Tools For Sale

Small 1/2in Fixed Hollow Auger.
This hollow auger was made by the Douglass Mfg. Co. in Seymour, CT, predecessor of the James Swan Company. This example is super clean and perfectly functional. If you need to make a lot of 1/2in round tenons, this is the tool for you
Item Number d1458
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Small Spoke Pointer.
This spoke pointer will work stock up to 2in wide. It's unmarked but likely a Stearns. The blade has good length left and is clean. The shank has some wear but works and doubles as a depth stop. A good, usable example and a requirement if you are using the hollow auger.
Item Number d1460
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Stanley No. 41Y Push Drill.
This push drill is in very good working order. It has a full set of eight bits in perfect condition including the hard to find 1/16in bit. This is a useful tool for quickly and accurately boring small holes. It'll bore four holes before you can get your cordless drill out. I have a couple and use them frequently
Item Number d1463
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Exceptional Reids Patent Lightning Brace. .
This is the one of the best examples of Reid's patent spiral brace. It has almost perfect nickel plating throughout. It has exceptional wood- it looks like lignum to me. It comes with a screwdriver bit in the chuck. It's a gorgeous tool in perfect working order. It was made in Philadelphia by A.H. Reid
Item Number d1448
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3/4in Fixed Hollow Auger.
This is an early-looking hollow auger that's completely unmarked. It needs the blades ground but is otherwise in good shape.
Item Number d1446
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North Brothers no. 44 Push Drill.
This is the much less common cousin to the North Brothers no. 41. It's a magazine-handle push drill made in Philadelphia, PA. It's used for quickly and accurately boring small holes- a very handy tool for small work. The return spring is adjustable by following the instructions on the cap. The magazine handle holds a small collection of bits, all usable. This model's handle opens from the bottom, not the top like the more common 41. This makes for endless fun picking up bits off the floor when you open it upside-down. A fine example in excellent working order.
Item Number d1447
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Early PS&W 8in Ratchet Bit Brace.
This brace was made in Southington, CT by Peck, Stowe, and Wilcox.. It's a model 163 and has two patent dates on it: Feb 11, 1879 and Dec 30, 1884. The brace has beautiful cocobolo on the handle and pad. It's some of the best wood I've seen on any brace. The frame has a bit of missing nickel but the chuck is perfect. The ratchet is enabled via two levers, one for left-hand, the other for right-hand. The jaws have no wear at all. It's a beautiful example of this early brace and perfectly usable.
Item Number d1437
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