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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-07-24 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-07-24 Good evening! I am just back from a recent trip with a big load of tools to sell. I put a few dozen new items up on the list this evening with more to come tomorrow. Thanks for looking!

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Boring Tools For Sale

Scarce I. Sorby 14in Wagon Builders Bit Brace.
This is one of the few examples I've come across of a British wagon builder's brace. It's a massive brace with a 14in sweep and all-steel construction meant for the hardest work. It's made of thick steel rod with an oversized head and steel handle. The chuck is a simple affair with a a tapered square socket and screw-lock to hold virtually any bit with a square shank. It dwarfs American "heavy duty" braces like the Lion and Yankee. See the photo with it along side a standard Millers Falls 10in ratchet brace to get some idea of how big it is. It's in fantastic condition and works perfectly. I just had to try it out in my shop- equipped with a big center bit it's a blast to use.
Item Number d1204
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Millers Falls no. 772 Heavy-Duty Ratchet Bit Brace.
This is nice usable example of one of Millers Falls top-end braces. It's a heavy-duty brace with a ball bearing chuck and pad. It's roughly equivalent to the North Brothers Yankee and PS&W Samson in terms of suitability for hard work. This example comes with the universal hold-all jaws that will grip just about any sort of bit you can fit in the chuck. The ratchet works well in both direction and there's no wear on the jaws. The pad and handle are still tight and accurate. A top quality worker in fine working order.
Item Number d1206
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North Brothers no. 42 spiral Push Drill.
This drill was made in Philadelphia, PA by North Brothers around 1900. It's in very good condition and works perfectly. It comes with a small wooden vial full of various fluted and twist bits. It's an uncommon model and will work very well for accurately and safely drilling small holes.
Item Number d1207
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Excellent Small Archimedean Pump Drill.
This drill is marked "non plus ultra". It has a nice brass collect, beech handles, and a smooth action. It works perfectly.
Item Number d1200
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Reid Patent Lightning Brace.
This was made in Philadelphia, Pa and patented December 12th, 1882 by A.H. Reid. This is the model no. 2 which uses a spring-loaded chuck with a pin to engage a small hole in the bit shank. This example has its original bit which can be seen in the photos. It can accept standard tapered square shank bits if you drill the appropriate hole. It's primarily used for quickly driving screws but could also be used to bore small holes with the proper bit. It has a nickel-plated shaft and a lignum head. It's in good working order
Left-Over and Reduced to: $25
Item Number d1156
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Interesting, Unmarked Hollow Auger.
This adjustable hollow auger is complete and has an integral depth stop. It adjusts via a worm-drive screw which opens and closes the aperture. It's a handy tool for cutting round tenons and a design I haven't seen before
Item Number d1194
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