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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-02-16 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-02-16

Hi again! Another update tonight as I continue the great winter clean-out. There's lots of unusual and useful stuff here. I hope to have some more coming up tomorrow as well. Thanks for reading! --Josh

A quick note- It's getting towards the end of winter and I need to make room for spring tool season. I've got many hundreds of tools to find new homes for. There's nothing exceptional or exciting about this stuff, it's just decent, usable tools. I often hear from new woodworkers who need usable tools on a tight budget. I think many of these items will suit. I do realize that it's not practical to spend $4 to ship a $5 item so I want to remind everyone that I'm happy to hold items for up to a month in hopes that you'll find more items to add to a box and save on shipping. Also keep an eye on my Parts and Projects page for some tools that need a little more TLC than normal, but are worth the effort

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Boring Tools For Sale

North Brothers YANKEE no. 41 Push Drill.
This push drill is in perfect working order. It has seen some use and has some nickel loss but the spring is strong, the chuck holds bits perfectly, and the magazine handle is full of bits. IT was made in Philadelphia, PA before the 1946 Stanley acquisition. It's a handy tool for safely, quickly and accurately boring small holes.
Item Number d1338
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Early I.WILSON Scotch Style Brace.
This is an early-looking Scotch brace in good, usable condition. It's Clearly marked IWILSON on the chuck. The spring is strong and the brace us usable.
Item Number d1337
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Unusually Small Scotch Brace.
This brace is the typical Scotch pattern but it's only a 6-7in sweep. It's clean and in good working order with a strong spring. It's a simple, tough brace to use with center bits, shell, gimlets, countersinks and other bitstock tools.
Item Number d1330
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Early Adjustable Washer Cutter.
This is a unique design the likes of which I can't find a patent for in DATAMP. It's in good, usable condition with a sharp center point and two long, clean blades. It's fine for cutting circles or washers in leather, rubber, or thin wood.
Item Number d1324
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Nice Looking, Usable Scotch Brace.
This is a really nice looking scotch brace with a decorative tab on the spring-loaded catch. It's unmarked and in good, usable conditon
Item Number d1307
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Craftsman Small Expansive Bit.
This bit was made for Sears and sold under the Craftsman brand. It's likely from the 1940s-1950s. It's complete with both cutters. It can cut any size hole from 3/4in to 1 1/2in. It comes in its original box.
Item Number d1290
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