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Update 2018-08-15 Hi Folks- it is a very small update tonight with a few more Sloane books and a couple of other interesting tools. I will be back tomorrow night with more. Thanks for looking!

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Boring Tools For Sale

Four Bits for a Boring Machine.
These four bits were made to be used with a hand-cranked boring machine. The have cylindrical shanks with a dimple to catch the set screw in the machine's chuck. The sizes included are: 1in, 1 1/2in, 1 3/4in, 2in. All have the same design. One is marked by Jennings, the other by Snell. All are in usable condition. The lead screws are sharp and in good repair. The cutters and spurs are still sharpened correctly and only the 1in shows any wear. A good working set in a variety of useful sizes
Item Number d1517
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Craftsman Hand Drill.
This drill is essentially the same as a Miller Falls no. 5 in terms of size and capacity. I doubt it was made by Millers Falls since the design is very different. The hollow handle is aluminum. It has a smooth gear action and the chuck works perfectly. It's in very good condition, mechanically excellent, but missing some paint.
Item Number d1514
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Small Pump Drill.
This small drill is simple but very effective. It's 9in long overall and works perfectly. Fun and useful.
Item Number d1512
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Millers Falls Hand Drill.
This drill has no number but the handle is clearly marked Millers Falls. it resembles the no. 306 but lacks the ratchet. The handle is held on with a barrel nut which can be unscrewed and detached to allow access to the bits. The drill has some finish loss but looks fine and works well. It holds bits up to 3/16in.
Item Number d1481
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Small Goodell-Pratt Hand Drill.
This drill was made by G-P in Greenfield, MA prior to the 1939 merger with Millers Falls. It has no model number but it looks like a no. 52 as pictured in the catalogs. It's a simple, effective drill that works very well. It holds bits up to 3/16in- a handy small size for general shop use.
Item Number d1483
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