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New Tools Were Last Added: 2018-12-11 (newest items on top)

Update 2018-12-11 Hi Folks! I am finally back this evening with a small update to the tool list. With the holiday season in full swing I am finding it harder to find time for tool work. I am still committed to getting a couple of updates out every week through the end of the year so please keep an eye out. As always, I appreciate you stopping by. --Josh

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Roberts: Wooden Planes in 19th Century America Vol1.
This is the second expanded edition of this classic and essential reference on the wooden plane industry in America. It has a complete history of the major planemakers of the era including photos and catalog excerpts. It also details the Various types of wooden planes and their uses. It's an amazing reference, long out of print. This copy is in excellent condition with very light wear to the dustjacket.
Item Number b857
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Roberts: Tools for the Trades and Crafts.
This is a reprint, with much commentary by the author, of an 18th century pattern book published originally by R. Timmons & Sons. The pages within contain hundreds of standard patterns for hand tools of all trades, but especially woodworking tools. From these patterns we can see that many of the forms of the tools did not change for several centuries, in fact, the same plates that appeared in the 18th century editions of these books were still used well into the late 19th century. The artistry is of an exceptional quality, clearly showing the scale and design of each tool. This, combined with Roberts' excellent commentary, makes it an excellent reference book. It is in excellent condition, printed in 1976, and has only light wear to the dustjacket.
Item Number b858
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Van Camp Hardware & Iron Catalog.
This is a massive, hardbound 800 page catalog containing Van Camp's line of heavy hardware, and tools. It has some woodworking tools but focuses mainly on the blacksmith, farmer, coachmaker, farrier, and other heavy trades. It is not dated but based on the tools included within I'd estimate it dating to ca. 1900. It has some wear to the covers but the pages are generally good and still tight in the binding. It's an amazing catalog covering a vast scope of items.
Item Number b860
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Original Lufkin no. 7 Catalog.
This 126 catalog of machinists tools is undated and likely from the 1940s. It's in excellent considering considering the age with all excellent pages and the original color insert featuring new tools. It's an excellent reference for Lufkin's high quality machinist's tools made in Saginaw. MI
Item Number b850
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