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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-07-24 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-07-24 Good evening! I am just back from a recent trip with a big load of tools to sell. I put a few dozen new items up on the list this evening with more to come tomorrow. Thanks for looking!

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Books For Sale

Don Rosebrook: American Level Patents Illustrated & Explained.
244 pages, excellent condition. Everything you ever wanted to know about levels, and more.
Item Number b717
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Otto Young, Chicago, IL, Tools and Materials Catalog. .
480 pages of jewelers' and watchmaker's tools. Excellent condition.
Item Number b720
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Vaughan & Bushnell 1927 Catalog Reprint.
This is one of my favorite reprinted catalogs. It's only 64 pages but the printing is top quality and the catalog is full of awesome art deco images. V&B made planes, braces, hammers, and other tools.
Item Number b721
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JB Shannon Hardware 1873 Catalog Reprint.
This is one of the earlier catalog reprints in my collection. It's 108 pages and has an interesting assortment of early carpenter's tools
Item Number b722
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Red Eaton: The Ultimate Brace.
This book is subtitled "A unique product of Victorian England" It details the history and design of the famous "Ultimatum" style brace England was famous for in the 19th century. It's an uncommon book and a great reference.
Item Number b723
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Jackson & Tyler 1880 Hardware Catalog Reprint.
This firm was a hardware retailer in Baltimore specializing in woodworking, machinist, and blacksmith tools. this 112 page catalog reprint is in good condition.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $5
Item Number b698
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North Brothers 1912 Catalog Reprint.
This is a very interesting catalog featuring North Brothers' full line of "Yankee" tools. the book is in excellent condition with no wear. There are 118 pages. Keep in mind that about half the catalog is devoted to the company's lines of Christmas tree stands, ice machines and ice cream makers. A very useful and uncommon catalog reprint.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $20
Item Number b710
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