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Update 2018-08-15 Hi Folks- it is a very small update tonight with a few more Sloane books and a couple of other interesting tools. I will be back tomorrow night with more. Thanks for looking!

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Eric Sloane: An Age of Barns w/ Bonus.
Softcover, large-format 9x11in. Excellent condition. Many color plates. It's a fascinating book.It comes with the bonus companion "Special Natural History Bonus".
Item Number b834
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Belcher Brothers 1860 Catalog Reprint..
This catalog was reprinted by Ken Robers in 1982. It includes his commentary on the history of the company along with the full-line of rules, tapes and levels Belcher offered. Excellent condition and a scarce reprint to find today.
Item Number b839
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JB Shannon, Phila. 18783 Hardware Catalog Reprint..
When and where this reprint was made is unknown. It contains 100 pages with many illustrations. It's one of the earlier hardware catalogs I'm aware of.
Item Number b840
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Sandusky 1925 Catalog Reprint.
This 72 page catalog has Sandusky's full line of metal and wood planes, bench fixtures, coopers' tools, and other items. It's one of the latest Sandusky catalogs prior to its ceasing operation ca. 1926. It's an interesting, excellent reference.
Item Number b841
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Starrett Original 1935 Catalog.
This is Starrett's full line catalog from 1935 with more than 400 pages. It's in excellent condition with no flaws. It's a trove of information if you are at all interested in machinists's tools.
Item Number b826
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Alvin Sellens: Stanley Folding Rules.
170 pages, hardcover, excellent condition w/ dust jacket. This is a hard to find Stanley reference in excellent condition.
Item Number b827
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Buck & Hickman, London 1902 Catalog Reprint.
This is a very nicely printed MWTCA reprint of the 1902 Catalog of American Tools by the London hardware dealer Buck and Hickman. It's in excellent condition and 270 pages. It's an interesting reference to a number of American hand tool makers of the early 20th century.
Item Number b816
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Otto Young 1892 Catalog Reprint..
This catalog has 466 pages of watch and clockmaker's tools as well as diamond and jeweler's tools.
Item Number b818
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