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Update 2018-06-21 Hi Folks- Finally an update to the tool list tonight.. I appreciate your patience with me.. my day job has been extra-busy lately and I am spending every evening at the ball field coaching my daughters all-star softball team. That does not leave much time for tools, unfortunately. I am doing my best to keep the list up-to-date and add new items as time allows. Thanks for looking! I appreciate it.

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Excellent Rayls, Detroit Full Line Catalog..
This is a fascinating catalog reprint- Rayl's was a hardware dealer in Detroit in the late 1800s/early 1900s. This catalog dates to 1905 and contains Rayl's full line of woodworking hand tools. Disston, Stanley, Millers Falls, etc. are all represented. It's well illustrated and makes an excellent reference. It's in very good condition with only minor wear but perfect pages.
Item Number b809
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DR Barton, Rochester, NY 1873 Catalog Reprint & History.
This is the Ken Roberts reprint of the 1873 DR Barton catalog. It contains not only the company's full line of tools but also Ken Roberts' documentary on the company. It's an invaluable resource and a hard reprint to find. It's about 80 pages and in excellent condition.
Item Number b810
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Original 1953 Stanley Full Line Catalog.
This is an excellent original example with 208 pages. It's one of the last large full-line catalogs before the product lines started to consolidate. I haven't seen this particular year before.. It's an excellent reference and in amazing condition for its age.
Item Number b787
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Brown and Sharpe 1926 Full Line Catalog .
This catalog is 460 pages and in excellent condition. It contains Brown and Sharpe's massive line of machinist tools of all sorts including an insert in the front with new tools offered. It's an excellent example and a handy reference.
Item Number b788
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Goodnow & Wightman 1882 Tool Catalog Reprint.
This is the first time I've come across this catalog reprint. It was reprinted by the MWTCA and contains 112 pages of tools and hardware of all sorts.
Item Number b792
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JB Shannon, Phila. 18783 Hardware Catalog Reprint..
When and where this reprint was made is unknown. It contains 100 pages with many illustrations. It's one of the earlier hardware catalogs I'm aware of.
Item Number b797
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Cincinnati Tool Company 1923 Catalog Reprint.
This is a gorgeous catalog, nicely printed and full of large illustrations. It contains the firms interesting lineup of clamps, punches, spokeshaves, hold downs, vises, etc. It's a hard catalog to come by and an excellent reference.
Item Number b799
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Atha 1883 Catalog Reprint.
This is a truly rare catalog- reprinted by Bud Brown. It's 64 pages and beautifully done- printed on top quality paper and full of large illustrations. Atha is known for hammers but made a huge line of tools including axes of all sorts. It's a great reference in excellent condiiton
Item Number b800
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