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New Tools Were Last Added: 2017-09-25 (newest items on top)

Update 2017-09-25 Tonights update includes some excellent molding planes, a few nice gouges and other edge tools, and other fun stuff. If you want to see that J.COGDELL plane in action check out my Instagram: I hope to have another small update live tomorrow night. Thanks for looking!

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Vaughan and Bushnell 1927 Catalog Reprint. .
This is a beautiful large format 62 page catalog with gorgeous illustrations and many color plates of tools in the art deco style. It's one of the nicest tool catalog around. It features V&B's full line of hammers, axes, planes, edge tools, braces, and other tools. A beautiful catalog and excellent reference.
Item Number b752
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Simonds 1919 Catalog Reprint.
This is a high quality reprint made by Roger K Smith. 196 pages, new conditon. Contains Simons full line of saws.
Item Number b748
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Chapin-Stephens 1914 Catalog Reprint.
This is a the 86 page Ken Roberts publication of the Chapin Stephens catalog. C-S succeeded H. Chapin in 1901 and continued making a full line of wooden planes, rules, etc. This catalog contains Ken Roberts' full commentary on the company's history. Roberts literally wrote the book on Chapin, one of the most important 19th century tool makers in America. An excellent reference in perfect conditon
Item Number b749
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H. Chapin 1890 Catalog Reprint.
This 86 page catalog is in new condition. It contains Chapin's full line of wooden planes and other tools. Chapin was an important American planemaker and this catalog is an excellent reference.
Item Number b750
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Thomas Sheraton Classical Revival Furniture Designs.
softcover, 238 pages, excellent condition
Item Number b745
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Henry Disston 1876 Catalog Reprint.
This 84 page catalog has Disston's full line of saws and other tools. It is in excellent condition with no wear or damage.
Item Number b607
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1903 Hynson Tool & Supply Catalog Reprint.
This St. Louis, MO company specialized in cooper's tools. This catalog is 80 pages of every sort of cooper's tool you'd care to know about
Item Number b737
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Red Eaton: The Ultimate Brace.
This book is subtitled "A unique product of Victorian England" It details the history and design of the famous "Ultimatum" style brace England was famous for in the 19th century. It's an uncommon book and a great reference.
Item Number b723
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