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Complete and Excellent Stanley No. 444 Dovetail Plane .
This is a rare Stanley plane made in the early 1900s designed to facilitate cutting sliding dovetail joints in stock 1/2 to 5/4in thick. It can cut dovetails 1/4 to 5/8in deep and up to 1in wide at the "neck". This example is complete in its original finger-jointer box. The box has a faded label on the side and a complete label on the underside of the lid describing the plane's capabilities. The box of blades is complete and has the original scribe mark with instructions to grind cutters to this angle. All four blades are present as are both spur blocks. The spurs are present and long. The blades have seen a little use. The plane is completely nickel-plated. There are some small spots of discoloration and nickel loss, but the original finish is at least 99%. The box lid is cracked and could be repaired easily enough. It's a rare plane to find in this condition. It would make an exceptional addition to any Stanley collection.
Left-Over and Reduced to: $900
Item Number op282
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Extra-Wide, Early Ogee Molding Plane.
This plane has all of the hallmarks of an early British molding plane, likely 18th century. There is no maker's name so I can't tell for sure. One look at the chamfers on the hand hold, the deeply curved step, and the precise gouge cuts are obvious evidence. The plane cuts a wide 1 3/4in by 1 1/4in deep ogee. It has evidence of a past fence attached to the sole. The massive blade is in very good condition considering its sheer area and age. It's a beautiful molding plane, a work of art in and of itself.
Item Number mp1234
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Mathieson 5/8in Extra-Flat Ovolo Molding PLane.
This is an odd profile, definetly not a sash plane. It cuts an ovolo so flat it's almost straight. It's 5/8in deep and 5/8in wide. It has a nice wide fence and depth stop which should make it easy to use. The blade is long and free of any pitting. The mouth is still quite tight. It's a good, usable plane with an interesting profile.
Item Number mp1228
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Matched Pair of 1in Tongue and Groove Molding Planes by McGlashan, Perth.
John McGlashan made planes in Perth ca. 1827-49 according to Goodman. These planes are in fair, usable condition. They have seen a lot of use and have the dings and scratches to prove it. The blade are decent and the plane s are certainly usable with a certain about of work tuning. They cut a T&G joint centered on 1in stock but will certainly work for 7/8in or 5/4.
Item Number mp1221
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Atkin, Late Moss 5/4 Quirk Ogee and Bevel Molding Plane.
This plane was made by Atkin & Son in Birmingham an bears the "Late Moss" stamp used when the firm took over the business of William Moss. The plane cuts a 5/4in wide by 1/2in deep quirk ogee and bevel, a versatile profile used for casings and furniture moldings. The boxing is dead straight. The body is clean and excellent without damage. The blade has light scattered pitting throughout but is in good condition overall.
Item Number mp1217
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Outstanding 18th Century Square Ovolo by Turner & Green.
This plane was made in York before 1771 according to Good,a. the plane's body follows all of the usual 18th century guidelines in terms of form. The plane has seen considerable use but remains in amazing condition considering its age and how much it's worked. It has th4e expected dings and scratches, as well as hammer marks at the heel, but that's about it- no damage or neglect. the plane cuts a 5/8in square ovolo. The blade has been used so much it is virtually used-up. With a new blade it could be put to use again, or preserved as an excellent example of the art of 18th century British plane making.
Item Number mp1211
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Wide, unusual Randall & Cook, Albany 7/8in Quirk ovolo and fillet.
This plane cuts about 1 7/8in wide by 7/8in deep. IT is in very god condition overall with no damage, just signs of use. the boxed quirk is straight. The blade has some light pitting scattered about. with a little bit of work on the blade it should be a solid user molding plane
Item Number mp1184
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Exceptional C. Warren, Nashua Quirk Ovolo and Bevel Molding Plane- Tuned and Ready to Work.
This plane is in outstanding condition- the plane is crisp, clean,and nearly perfect. It has sharp, crisp corners, perfect boxing, and a gorgeous profile with a nice crisp bevel. The profile measures 1 1/4in wide by 1/2in deep. Warren was a prolific planemaker working throughout the mid 1800s in Nashua, NH. This plane remains in usable condition and will work well out of the box. The blade is in excellent condition, long and clean. I've honed the bevels and polished the back a bit. I made a few test cuts and it worked very well, producing a nice smooth molding in no time- see the photos.. It's a great user plane in absolutely top condition.
Item Number mp1183
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Starrett 12in Outside Calipers .
This is an excellent example with no rust or discoloration. They are in perfect working order. The locking screw and micro-adjuster both work perfectly.
Item Number mml1241
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Well-Mad,e Decorated 2in Outside Calipers.
These calipers are user-made and nicely decorated. The hinge is very tight, though it can be adjusted.
Item Number mml1238
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C.S. Osborne Wing Divider.
This is a small 5in divider with a most unusual adjusting mechanism. It has a replaceable point. One leg is ground to a deadly-sharp knife edge. It can be used for leather or wood to scribe arcs and circles, mark parallel lines, and more. It is in excellent condition.
Item Number mml1227
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Unusued 3in Scorp.
This scorp is a modern make and in unused condition. The blade is 3in wide. It has the original bevel and has not been ground.
Item Number m998
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Excellent Stanley Type 11 Era No. 68 Rabbeting Spokeshave.
this is an excellent example made during the "type 11" era cal. 1910-18. It has a long, clean V logo blade. It retains at least 95% original japanning and is in excellent user condition.
Item Number m984
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Unused, "New Old Stock" Collins Mortising Axe.
This is an unusual socket-style mortising axe in new, unused condition. It has its original paper label still attached and no damage or pitting at all on the tool steel bit. It is just over 1 1/2in wide. I don't see this particular style in any of the Collins catalog I have.
Item Number m972
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North Brothers no. 2101 10in Brace.
This is an early, Pre-Stanley 2101. It has unusual jaws I haven't seen on a Yankee before, but work just fine. It has fewer patent dates on teh ratchet housing than most I see so it might be a very early version. The ratchet is smooth in both directions. The pad and handle rotate easily- the pad has zero slop at all. It's not the prettiest, but it'll work very well.
Item Number d667
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Large North Brothers 12in No. 2101 Yankee Brace.
This is a pre-Stanley North Brothers Yankee in good, usable condition. It's been used quite a bit but has no damage, apart from some cosmetic issues. The ratchet and jaws are perfect. The pad and handle rotate easily without slop It's a great user brace, and one of the better heavy-duty designs out there. this is an ideal size to drive large auger bits, big screws or bolts, etc.
Item Number d666
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Mathieson 1in Tang Firmer Chisel.
This chisel measures 11in overall. The first 3/4in of the back has been lapped clean and flat. The handle is in good shape without damage.
Item Number c1123
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Marples 1/2in Tang Firmer Chisel.
This chisel measures 10in overall. It was made by Marples in Sheffield. The blade has some very light scattered pitting but none near the bevel. The boxwood handle has no damage.
$22 This Item Has Been Sold

Excellent Addis no. 6 1/4in Carving Gouge.
This is a medium sweep London Pattern no. 6 gouge in excellent condition. IT has a freshly ground bevel and no pitting on the inside face. The handle is in excellent condition. It was made sometime between 1895-WWi by Ward for S.J. Addis. It's a top quality user carving tool in superb condition.
$25 This Item Has Been Sold

Scarce Buck Brothers 1in No. 1 Flat Carving Chisel.
This is a flat, no. 1 sweep double-bevel carving tool in excellent working condition.The blade is clean and the bevel very sharp. he handle has a small chip but is otherwise fine. It's a scarce profile in great usable condition.
$26 This Item Has Been Sold

Handy German Multi-Tool.
This tool has a hammer head and six bits in its hollow head- a gimlet, file, chisel, screwdrivers, and a saw blade. It was made by Solingen in Germany. Certainly usable, it's also a curiosity.
$15 This Item Has Been Sold

Incra Precision T-Rule.
This example is in excellent, slightly used condition. This is the 6in imperial version.
$20 This Item Has Been Sold

Interesting Wooden Scraper Plane.
This plane has a 3in wide scraper by woodsmith. The plane is in excellent condition overall. It's essentially a wooden version of stanley 80. The blade is fixed in place with a wedge and the bow adjusted by means of a thumbscrew. It's in near mint, unused condition.
$40 This Item Has Been Sold

Usable 1 3/8in wide Skew Rabbet by Marshall, Glasgow.
This plane has seen a lot of use but could easily be tuned into a fine working rabbet once again. The sole has some wear but it's straight and true. The blade needs a quick grind to set the bevel angle properly,. but it has a lot of life and minimal pitting. the wedge is possible a replacement, but it fits well. All told, a decent user skew rabbet with a small but fo work.
$25 This Item Has Been Sold

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